Thailand Travel Blog 2024 – Tips and tricks for a successful trip in Thailand

In the recent years, Thailand has become a top destination for tourists and those who would like to start their traveling journey across southeast Asia. Its history is thrilling, its historical sites are fascinating and enchanting landscape covers the country’s south.

Let’s discover it together and get some useful information along the way. We’ll get to the best places to visit later on.

Thailand Travel Blog – Useful Information

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Before getting into what you can do and where you can go in Thailand, let’s go over a few useful information that will definitely help you during your journey.

Visa Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand, you don’t have to apply for a visa before you go there provided you’re staying less than 30 days. Check your passport’s validity and make sure you have at least 6 months to go before you enter the country. If you’d like to stay more than 30 days, you’ll have to apply for a visa.


Thai is the country’s national language but you’ll have no problem speaking English with the country’s people, especially in the main tourist sites, but since speaking the common tongue is always recommended, here are a few phrases in Thai you can learn and that could come in handy:

  • Hi/Good morning: Sawatdi kha (woman): khap (man)
  • Thank you : Kop khoun kha (woman); khap (man)
  • Goodbye: La khon
  • Happy birthday : Souksan wan keut
  • I love you : Chan rak thur


In Thailand, the official currency is the baht and one dollar equals around 33 bahts. To get the best exchange rates, get your cash ready but don’t convert that money to bahts in the airport. Instead, wait until you get to Bangkok and ask to gets bahts for your dollars at the local exchange offices. You’ll find many at Sukhumvit Soi 11 for example.

High Season

From November to March. More info about rainy season in Thailand here.

Hotels and Guest houses I recommend

My favorite Thai dish

Pad Thai

Pad Thai Thailand Travel Blog

Now that you know a bit more Thailand as a country, let’s see where to go and what to visit.

Thailand Travel Blog – Bangkok

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 - Bangkok

If you’re traveling to Thailand, you will most probably start with Bangkok because it has the biggest and the busiest airport in the country and the whole southeastern region of the Asian continent. If you can, you should stay in Bangkok at least two to three days to have enough time to visit its Grand Palace and climb up the Wat Arun temple. Have a look at my blog post on what to do in Bangkok for more information and to discover the 10 must-visit attractions!

Once you’re done with Bangkok (although you can never really be done with such a city), you can either go south and enjoy the beach and the beautiful islands or go north if you’re looking for something that is more focused on culture and authenticity.

Let’s start with northern Thailand and finish off with a southern touch of awesomeness!

Thailand Travel Blog – Ayutthaya

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 Ayutthaya - Wat Maha That

If you travel two hours north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is what you will find and Ayutthaya will warm your heart. With its authentic temples and ruins, it’ll definitely keep you wanting more. Here are 8 temples you should absolutely visit in Ayutthaya by the way. You might think 8 is too many temples to visit but trust me, you’ll never have enough. I also loved the city’s tranquillity as opposed to Bangkok’s effervescence.

I should also say that I was very well received by the owners of the hotel I stayed in and you can read about it in this blog post.

Thailand Travel Blog – Sukhothai

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 - Sukhothai Historical Park

If you go further up north towards Chiang Mai, I recommend you stop at Sukhothai for a while. Just like Ayutthaya, Sukhothai is one of the ancient cities of the Kingdom of Siam and there, you will find even more beautiful ruins to please your eyes, as well as a top-notch historical park to visit. Read more about what to do in Sukhothai here.

Thailand Travel Blog – Chiang Mai

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 - Chiang Mai Wat Chang Taem

Chiang Mai is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. It’s got a good atmosphere, it’s never too expensive to live there, it’s got great cuisine, lively night markets and more. Many foreigners go there to settle down and live a peaceful life and honestly, I understand what they’re after!

You can read more about my trip to Chiang Mai and its surroundings in my blog post about what to visit in Chiang Mai.

Here’s some footage of the best moments of my trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai:

Let’s move southwards!

Thailand Travel Blog – Phuket

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 - Beach Phuket

If you’re heading south, you’re in for a treat! Go to Phuket and chill out like you’ve never chilled out before. You may have heard that Phuket is way too crowded with tourists to be worth a visit but I say you can still quietly enjoy the sunny weather there without being surrounded by tourists. Here’s my top 10 best beaches to relax on in Phuket for that matter. Spoiler: they’re not all crowded with people!

By the way, you can get on a boat from Phuket and visit other nice islands like the James Bond island for instance:

Thailand Travel Blog 2018 James Bond Island

Our nice little Thailand tour is over! Don’t forget you can read more blog posts about this beautiful country by clicking this link!

You can also follow my journey on Social Media here: Facebook Page, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Cheers, fellow travellers!


PS: You can also visit the beautiful islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao if you still have time.

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