Guest House Ayutthaya – Review of the Guest House Room 31 (5$/night)

Entrée Room 31 Ayutthaya Thailande

Guest House Ayutthaya – You have probably read my blog post on temples in Ayutthaya (if you haven’t, please do!) and by now, you probably know that I loved this city. If you’d like to travel there and don’t know where to stay, I have a great address for you to try. Let’s get into this!

Guest House Ayutthaya – Room 31

Price: 7.5/10

Prices per night for a dorm bed range from 200 to 250 bahts ($6 to $8) which is a little bit more expensive than most cheap hostels in Thailand. It still is affordable though; those few extra bahts are definitely worth it.

Location: 8/10

Guest House Ayutthaya - Room31

Situated only half a mile away from Ayutthaya’s historical park, Room 31 is at walking (or bike riding) distance from the beautiful world heritage site.

Hygiene: 7/10

There’s nothing much to say about hygiene in Room 31, really. It might not be perfect and you might come across a few spider webs in bathrooms but it’s nothing to worry about. Bedrooms are super clean and are tidied up every day.

Facilities: 8/10

The beds are great (no more than two bunk beds per dorm), there’s a little light bulb next to each bed and hot water is available. Wifi is also great at Room 31 and you’ll get a free bike to use during the day. You’ll have to return it at the end of the day of course. What could be better than that?

General Atmosphere: 10/10

Où dormir à Ayutthaya - Ambiance Room 31 Ayutthaya Thailande

If I had to pick my favourite thing at Room 31, I’d say the whole atmosphere of it. A lovely Thai family runs the place and those guys invited me to eat and drink with them more than once. They’re really great and they made my stay in Ayutthaya unforgettable.

Room 31 final rating 8.1/10

Long story short, if you’re travelling to Ayutthaya, Room 31 is where you should stay. They have dorms but they also have really nice double bedrooms for couples. You’ll always be more than welcome there! You should book your room as soon as possible though; the hostel is quite small so it tends to get full rather quickly.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment section! Please share this blog post with your friends and those who are travelling to Thailand soon! I’m sure they’ll find it useful.

Last but not least, here’s a clip of my stay in Thailand.

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