The 10 Best Thai Beers You Should Try In Thailand

Best Thai Beers

Ahh, Thailand – the unofficial backpacker’s paradise.

It’s no wonder why, with its regular cheap flights, affordable 5-star accommodation, mouth-watering street food, and, most importantly, the best and cheapest beer you’ll come across!

When you’re gearing up for a trip to Thailand, you’ll likely have many things to anticipate. 

Island hopping, visiting night markets, aromatherapy oil massages…but first and foremost would be relaxing on the tropical beaches, sipping on an ice-cold beer, watching one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever witness.

The 10 Best Thai Beers

You’d have likely heard about Singha and Chang beer before, especially if you’re a seasoned beer-drinker. However, there are more than 100 types of Thai beer out there!

You might not be able to get through all of them though, so here are the top 10 best Thai beers you should try when you’re in Thailand.

  1. Singha
  2. Chang
  3. Thai Amarit Bangkok
  4. Kloster
  5. Leo
  6. Phuket Lager
  7. Archa
  8. Cheers
  9. U-Beer
  10. Cheers X-Tra

1. Singha

Singha Best Thai Beers

Singha should need no introduction. This popular Thai beer is in the top-selling percentile of Thai beer around the world and is known for its strong malty flavor – the perfect pairing with Thai curry!

It is made of European hops and 100% premium barley and is made of 5% alcohol. For its standout taste, it’s surprisingly cheap! You can find it around Thailand for around $2USD a bottle.

You’ll be able to recognize a Singha beer anywhere with its signature white label with a golden tiger.

2. Chang

Chang Best Thai Beers

Chang is another heavyweight in the Thai beer scene. Considered just as popular as Singha, it’s a fan-favorite amongst the backpackers living all around the island.

Chang is a light pale malt with very little head and is characterized by its classic light lager taste. Because it’s not as heavy-tasting as Singha, it’s the perfect choice for a balmy evening on the beach.

Chang is made of 5.2% alcohol and if you’re drinking it in Thailand, just know that your beer is made of part-rice – an ingredient only used in Thai-brewed Chang beers.

3. Thai Amarit Bangkok

Thai Amarit Bangkok Beer

Thai Amarit Bangkok is a pale lager that offers a slightly sweet and malty taste with a hint of light hoppy bitterness.

This Thai beer is one that is manufactured specifically for exporting around the world, so you will likely not see as much as other Thai beers.

However, if you’re keen you can ask a local as they’ll know exactly where to get it.

4. Kloster

Kloster Beer

You’ll see Kloster everywhere in Thailand, and whilst you might mistake it as a full traditional Thai produced beer, it has actually borrowed German standards during brewing productions.

Kloster beer is known for its sweet and relatively strong malt flavor. Because of this, it tends to dry out the mouth and is not often a preferred choice, unless you like that type of drinking sensation.

5. Leo

Leo Beer

Leo is definitely one of the best Thai beers! It’s a mid-range beer brewed by the same brewery as Singha and is considered a slightly cheaper option than the latter.

Leo came about in 1999 when Singha began losing market share to Chang and knew they needed to come up with an alternative option in the beer market.

Enter Leo, an affordable easy-to-drink lager that has a subtly sweet and fruity yet grainy taste. It’s a popular choice with backpackers for its price and the belief that it won’t give you a crazy hangover the next day.

6. Phuket Lager

Phuket Lager Beer

Considered the first regional beer of Thailand, the Phuket Lager is well-known for its fresh and yeasty but slightly bitter taste.

You’ll notice hints of lime and grass in its scent and taste – it’s the one to look for if you’re seeking an authentic local appeal.

It is a refreshing beer and the perfect choice after a long day of exploring under the hot tropical sun.

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7. Archa

Archa Beer

Archa is one of the newer Thai beers to enter the scene and it’s making quite a positive splash!

Archa’s unique characteristic is that it has bubble content that is comparable to champagne. It’s got a slightly sweeter taste when compared to Singha and has a relatively high alcohol content of 5.4%.

With that alcohol content level, you’d expect it to be quite expensive, but in fact, it’s still priced cheaper than most other beers. Your best bet at finding this beer would be at 7-11 convenience stores.

8. Cheers

Cheers Beer Thai

Are you a fizz person? Well, then you’re in luck!

Cheers beer is a Thai beer that contains quite a large amount of bubbles, making drinking it almost like drinking a soft drink!

It’s noted for its sweet and grassy flavor that’s often so subtle, that you won’t be able to notice it through the sheer fizziness of the drink.

It’s still a light beer, and if you want to change it up a little, try Cheers for a bubby affair!

9. U-Beer

U-Beer Thai

As one of the newest Thai beers to enter the market, not many foreigners and backpackers have had a chance to try this beer. It’s a pale lager that’s got a subtle sweet taste to it.

U-Beer is aimed at the younger crowd and is on point with its standout yellow label, which makes it almost look like an energy drink.

10. Cheers X-Tra

Cheers X-Tra Beer

Cheers X-Tra is a slightly more potent version of Cheers, with a 6%ABV compared to the 5%AVB of Cheers X-Tra.

Aside from that, Cheers X-Tra doesn’t offer much difference. People who have had both have mentioned that the flavor of Cheers is more palatable.

One reason why you’d choose Cheers X-Tra over cheers is that it doesn’t have a strong alcoholic taste, so if you want to get wasted fast, this is a better option.

I hope you enjoyed our blog post about the best Thai beers!

Holidaying and backpacking through Thailand would not be complete without spending countless days and nights sipping on some of the country’s greatest treasures.

Thai beers are considered in a league of their own, and this is evident through the 100+ beer brands available throughout the country.

However, it seems too ambitious to go through every single one, so we hope this list has helped you narrow it down to the top 10 to try.

At least if you go through this list, you can say you’ve tried 10% of all the Thai beers out there!

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