Sukhothai Hotel Thailand – Review of Greenhouse Guest House (5$/night)

Photo Auberge Greenhouse Sukhothai Thailande

Sukhothai Hotel – In Thailand, I spent some time in Sukhothai where I stayed at the Greenhouse guesthouse for 3 nights. It’s in the new city of Sukhothai, situated at 12 km from all historical parks. Everything there is generally less expensive than in the old city.There’s always a bus to take you there for around $1.5 and the trip to the new city usually lasts around twenty minutes.

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I asked the manager if I could take pictures of the guesthouse but he declined due to ongoing restoration work which is totally understandable. The pictures wouldn’t have depicted the real guesthouse as it usually is so I’m taking their decision into account and will only be posting pictures I found on for illustration purposes.

If you’re looking for somewhere in Sukhothai to stay the night, here’s a review of the Greenhouse guesthouse where I go over the five rating criteria I usually take into consideration.

Sukhothai Hotel – Prices at the Greenhouse Guesthouse: 9.5/10

Let’s not deny that Greenhouse has some of the best prices out there. A dorm room bed will cost you $3 a night only! With a friend of mine we took a double bedroom that cost us 150 bahts which is a little over $4.5 a night each!

Sukhothai Hotel – Location of the Greenhouse Guesthouse: 7.5/10

Since most of the hotels are in the new city, the location rating of the Greenhouse is rather relative so even if it’s 12 km away from the old city, it’s still okay compared to other hotels around. It’s also rather close to all kinds of stores including a 7-Eleven, some bars and restaurants and it’s only 5 minutes away from the bus station where you need to go to head to the old city.

Sukhothai Hotel – Hygiene at the Greenhouse Guesthouse: 6/10

Sukhothai Hotel Thailand - Greenhouse Guesthouse

As far as hygiene is concerned, things are not ideal but let’s not forget that the whole idea for the guesthouse was to be surrounded with greenery and with greenery comes dirt so you might find a little bit of dust here and there but the place is definitely not dirty. You won’t be disgusted by anything, that’s for sure, I mean it’s fairly appropriate in my opinion. I know some people have higher hygiene standards so I’m trying to stay relatively neutral when rating.

Facilities: 6/10

Sukhothai Hotel Thailand - Greenhouse Guesthouse Dorm Photo Dortoir Auberge Greenhouse Sukhothai Hotel Thailand - Greenhouse Guesthouse

Wifi works great, there’s a washing machine that’s not very expensive to use, the beds are okay although a little rough and there’s unfortunately no hot water. When I stayed there, the weather was warm enough so it was okay to not have access to hot water but if you’re going there when it’s cooler, it’s definitely something to consider.

General Atmosphere: 7/10

Things weren’t exceptional but staying at the Greenhouse was rather nice to say the least. I enjoyed all three nights I spent there and even met a few people. The guesthouse is also not too close to the main road so you’ll be able to enjoy all the calm and peace you need.

Final Rating: 7.2/10

Let’s wrap this up: if you don’t mind a little dust here and there and especially if you’re on a budget, your stay at Greenhouse will be great and you’ll simply be satisfied with what you’re getting for your buck.

I hope you liked this brief review and that you now know where to spend the night in Sukhothai so don’t forget to share it with all those who will be travelling to Thailand soon!

Last but not least, here’s a clip of my stay in Thailand.

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