Kep Cambodia – A Complete Travel Guide To Read Before Your Trip

Kep Cambodge 05 - Rabbit Island Koh Tonsai

Kep is a beautiful city in southern Cambodia that is close to the Vietnamese border. Not far from Kampot, the city it is a perfect destination for a relaxation trip. You can sunbathe quietly on its beaches and also visit its crab market, Rabbit Island and many other interesting places.

To get there, you can buy a mini-van ticket directly on the Camboticket website.

Here are a few accommodation tips to consider before your trip!

Where To Stay In Kep?

Kep is a relatively small town and everything there is easily accessible on foot or with a motorbike. When I went to Kep, I stayed in this hostel which is very cheap (around $10 a night) and is surrounded by nature. I absolutely loved the setting.

Khmer Hands Hotel Auberge Kep Cambodia

But if you can afford better accommodation and are looking for more comfort, this hotel has rather reasonable rates, offers a swimming pool and is close to the beach. Some friends of mine stayed there and I kind of sneaked in to enjoy the hotel’s pool.

Mealea Resort Kep Cambodia

The 5 Best Things To Do In Kep

Now! Let’s review my 5 favorite attractions in Kep, starting with its famous market.

Kep Cambodge Carte Lieux d'interet Marché aux crabes Rabbit Island

1. The Crab Market

1. Kep Cambodia - The Crab Market

Kep’s Crab Market is located west of the city, on the seashore. You can buy crabs of course but also fish, chicken and even jewelry and clothing. I really loved the lively atmosphere of Kep’s Crab Market. Fishermen get directly to the market on their boats and give the day’s catch to retailers so the market’s products are usually very fresh and prices are also very affordable.

1. Kep Cambodia - The Crab Market

I bought one of these big fish (I’m not a crab person) along with a serving of rice and a drink and it cost me only $4.5.

1. Kep Cambodia - The Crab Market

It was the first time I had trouble eating the whole fish. Anyway, it was delicious! There are tables and chairs at the market so you can eat on the spot.

2. Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsai)

2. Kep Cambodia - Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsai)

So to make it clear for everyone, there are no rabbits on Rabbit Island and its name comes from its shape apparently. I did try to rotate the map in different directions and I admit I’m still having trouble seeing a rabbit there. 😀 But hey, it’s definitely not the island’s most important characteristic because it offers beautiful beaches and that’s what matters, right? How to get to Rabbit island, you ask?

Kep Cambodge 05 - Rabbit Island Koh Tonsai

How to get to Rabbit Island

You’ll have to hop on a boat from here, the journey lasts around 30 minutes and here are the departure times of the boats:

  • Kep – Rabbit Island: 9AM and 1PM
  • Rabbit Island – Kep: 3PM

The round-trip ticket costs $6 but you can also rent a private boat that can carry a maximum of 6 people for $25. If you’re going to Rabbit Island on a regular boat, make sure to be there 30 minutes early to find available seats.

You can also book your tickets online in advance on Camboticket.

I took a boat at 9AM and spent the whole day on Rabbit Island. I went around the island in about an hour and relaxed on the beach for the rest of the day.

2. Kep Cambodia - Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsai)

There are restaurants on the island and they’re a tiny bit more expensive than Kep’s. They were shooting a movie on the island that day and the actors were pretty funny!

2. Kep Cambodia - Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsai)

By the way, if you are looking for more great spots, make sure you check out this blog post: Our 5 Best Beaches in Cambodia.

3. Sothy’s Pepper Farm

3. Kep Cambodia - Sothy's Pepper Farm

The region’s pepper is recognized worldwide and you can find plantations around Kep like the Sothy’s Pepper Farm, which is located here. You can read my blog post on Kampot for more details on the plantation.

4. Samathi Pagoda

4. Kep Cambodia - Samathi Pagoda

If you are interested in Khmer culture and would like to visit a beautiful temple during your stay in Kep, take a look at Samathi Pagoda. Located up hills, the pagoda offers a wonderful view of the entire city of Kep.

5. The Beach in Kep

Kep Cambodge 09 - Plage

Last but not least, let’s not forget that Kep also has a very nice beach, ideal for some sunbathing time. It can be quite busy during high season; tourists and locals love it the place.

For more recommendations about beaches in Cambodia, feel free to check out this blog post: Best Beaches in Cambodia.

That’s all I have to tell you about Kep in Cambodia. If you want to visit quiet and less touristy places like Sihanoukville, do not hesitate to go to Kep but also to Kampot which is right around the corner. I’m sure you will have a more authentic experience of Cambodia there.

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