Owl Cafe – A Crazy Experience You Have To Try In Tokyo

Owl Cafe Tokyo Japan

The Owl Cafe in Tokyo is one of the best and quirkiest places where you can get closer to your feathered friends. In the last years, the city teemed with animal cafes of all sorts, but you can be sure to stumble upon something new and extraordinary like Tokyo’s Owl Cafe.

If you too are fascinated with these incredible animals or want to get close to the winged stars of Harry Potter, here is more info about this unusual experience !

What Is An Owl Cafe?

Owl Cafe Tokyo Japan

There are three owl cafes in Tokyo and all of them are located in well-known districts and easily accessible by train through the Yamanote Line or the Chuo Line for example.

You can visit the Owl Cafe after a shopping spree in the colorful district of Harajuku, or after a day of sightseeing in Shibuya or visit the branch cafe in Kichijoji, which is famous for its parks and shopping streets. If you want to experience something new and find a unique place to relax, the Owl Cafe Tokyo might be just the right place for you!

In this cafe you will get to spend some time with  a number of beautiful and different owls and interact with them in a safe environment. The cafe will provide you with food to feed the owls and you can also pet them and take tons of pictures with them! The owls are more or less free to fly around the room so make sure to relax and enjoy your time there!

How To Book An Owl Cafe In Tokyo?

Since only a small number of people  is allowed to enter the cafe at once, early online booking is necessary. You can book one or more spots through Klook, a travel company that offers great deals on attractions like these, so click here to get your spot and show up at your chosen time. This package includes a lot of playtime with the owls, a drink and a dessert, as well as an original souvenir which you can get at the end of your visit.

You can pick your  location on the website and you will be provided with all the necessary information. If you can’t make it on the day you chose, you can cancel your reservation one week prior to your visit without any charges. The website will take care of all the onsite procedures, so you can go and relax in one of the best and most popular places in Tokyo.

What to Expect?

Owl Cafe Tokyo Japan

Our  owl experience started as soon as we got inside the cafe. I instantly felt the tranquillity of the place and felt so far away from the busy Tokyo. The owls are free to roam throughout the whole room, so you might not want to wear your newest clothes because they might be interested in joining the party at your table or take a seat on your shoulder.

When we booked our spots, we were allotted one hour of owl playtime soat first, we sat at our table for around 25 minutes, indulged in a delicious dessert and were able to choose from a variety of hot and cold drinks. After that, we could walk around freely in the room and play with the owls, pet them, feed them, hide them and take them home…or maybe that was just a wish of mine! 😉

And don’t forget to pick up your cute souvenir at the end! You can take as many pictures with them as you like. Flash photography is not allowed but this will not stop you from getting the perfect shot. I never met more photogenic animals before I encountered these adorable owls.

I mean look at them! Aren’t they enchanting?

Owl Cafe Tokyo Japan

The Owl Cafe is a place that makes you feel like you’ve taken a few minutes off from the busyness of Tokyo to visit some very cute friends in their very cosy home! Animal cafes are all over Tokyo, but I think the Owl Cafe is a special one.  Those animals have majestic eyes that are constantly watching their surroundings and they’re able to turn their head 270 degrees! You’ve probably seen that on TV but let me tell you, it feels completely different when they do it right in front of you!

I was in total awe for a whole hour and even tried an extreme head rotation myself! But it didn’t   look half as elegant as the owls’. It was so much fun and I can only recommend it to anyone who has some time to spare in Tokyo or simply loves animals. It’s a very special experience and you should absolutely give it a try if you get the chance!

If you have already visited an Owl Cafe in Tokyo and you want to share your thoughts about this experience, please feel free to post them in the comments below, we would love to hear about your owl adventures! And if you are looking for more themed cafes in Tokyo, you can also try the cat cafes, the kawaii monster cafe or also the robot restaurant.

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