The 7 Most Unique Cat Cafes In Tokyo You Should Really Visit

Cat Cafe Tokyo - The 7 Best Places Of The City!

Travels to Japan will always be filled with strange, interesting, quirky, weird, cute, and sometimes cuddly sights, sounds, and experiences. Steadily rising through the ranks as one of the most popular attractions to visit during a trip to Japan has to be the local cat cafes!

These irresistible eateries bring together the best of both worlds: cute food and drinks, and cats! Whether you’ve left your precious fur baby behind on your trip and want a cuddly pet fix or are just a lover of all furry animals, cat cafes are the perfect place to spend a few hours to relax, unwind, and fill your day with cuteness and cuddles!

This article in particular is going to cover the 7 best cat cafes to be found in Tokyo, as well as detailed information about each cafe. Hopefully you’ll be well prepared for your next trip to Tokyo and have all the information you need to choose the best cafe to suit your needs! One things for certain: most cafes will have you switch out of your shoes and into slippers upon arrival, as well as wash and disinfect your hands to keep the cats safe!

What is a cat cafe?

Cat Cafe Tokyo - The 7 Best Places Of The City!

Cat cafes are a relatively recent trend that has steadily grown in Japan and are now spreading across the world. Although the first cat cafe was technically founded in Taipei, called the Cat Flower Garden, the furry sensation didn’t pick up speed until Japan took the concept under their wing.

Since then, cat cafes have spurred a boom in the animal cafe business; there are cat, dog, goat, rabbit, owl, hedgehog, snake, and even more animal cafes to choose from! For this article, however, we’ll just be looking at the original cat cafes!

Cat cafes were originally constructed in Japan due to tiny apartments and strict pet policies. Residents that weren’t allowed to keep cats were starving for furry companionship; the opening of cat cafes was the perfect way for them to interact with cats outside of their home. Not only do people enjoy going into cat cafes to play and cuddle with the cafe’s cast of cats for that day, but the food served in these cafes is also enjoyable and delicious!

All in all, cat cafes serve to provide anyone, whether they own a furry feline or not, a dedicated space where cats are the main focus. After just a few petting and playing sessions with these energetic cats, any weary traveler will feel like they’ve recharged their batteries and are ready to hit the road with renewed vigor and happiness! 

Want to try this unique experience in Tokyo? Visit one of the cat cafes in Tokyo we listed below.

1. Cat Cafe Nyankoto

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Cat Cafe Nyankoto


Located in Shinjuku, Cat Cafe Nyankoto is more of a traditional style cat cafe that caters more towards locals with its simple interior. That being said, the cats that ‘work’ at the cafe are some of the most friendly, energetic, and cuddly felines found anywhere in Japan! Just take a seat on the cushy floor, grab a blanket if it makes you feel more comfortable, and wait for the cats to come to you! If you’re lucky, the owner might be letting a few of the resident kittens out to play, though they can’t be out all the day or else they might experience overstimulation.

Even if you don’t make it in time to interact with kittens, all cats found at Cat Cafe Nyankoto are sure to provide you with a great experience filled with purrs, cuddles, play, and petting. For the modest price of just 800 yen per hour – which includes a beverage – you can watch as a plethora of cats tries to do anything they can to get your attention.

Best of all, the owner is kind and friendly, speaks a bit of English, and offers a handful of cat treats for only 100 yen. With treats in hand, you’ll be the most popular patron in the cafe!

2. Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo 299


Although it’s actually one of the biggest cat cafes in Tokyo, Neko no Iru Kyuukeijo is also one of the most difficult to find! Don’t worry; it’s only 400 meters away from Ikebukuro Station and can be found quite easily if you’re at least in the right area! Located on the 5th floor of an unmarked building, this beautifully decorated cafe can seat up to 60 occupants at any one time.

The cats are friendly and welcoming, though there are strict rules that you cannot pick them up. Toys and entertainment are provided, but cat treats and food can only be acquired by purchasing them for an extra cost. If you want to get to know more about the cats you’ll be interacting with, the cafe provides an adorable scrapbook that features each cat and tells you a bit about them!

The biggest allure of this particular cat cafe has to be the plush, safe, warm, comforting environment. There are books to browse through as you enjoy the company of curious cats, areas to charge your phone in case you’ve killed the battery taking so many pictures, and free WiFi so you can upload said pictures directly to your social media accounts as you’re taking them! The entrance fee is 600 yen per half hour, which makes it one of the more expensive picks on the list, but the experience is well worth the extra yen. 

3. Temari no Ouchi

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Temari no Ouchi


For those who think that cafes that feature cats are just too pedestrian, Temari no Ouchi kicks it up a notch by surrounding patrons with a wondrous and strange environment that will have you convinced that you’ve been transported into a fairy tale.

The decorations around the cat playroom are not only whimsical and fun to look at; they also comfortable and welcoming to both customer and cat alike! Best of all, this cafe offers beer, cocktails, full meals, desserts, teas, coffees, and light snacks!

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Temari no Ouchi

If you’re more into rare cat breeds that you won’t be able to see anywhere else, Temari no Ouchi has you covered! Sporting Persian Chinchilla, Norwegian Forest Cat, Scottish Fold, Chartreux, and Bombay breeds, this cat cafe is more about the luxury and rareness of their cat breeds than just throwing a couple of kittens into a room and hoping for the best.

Along with providing top of the line felines, Temari no Ouchi’s entire interior has been decorated and built to provide the best hiding spots, nooks, crannies, and perches for cats to play on! There’s never a dull moment here! 

Before to go to the next cat cafe, I want to let you know that you can find more crazy activities to do in Japan here: Weird Japan.

4. Mocha Lounge Ikebukuro

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Mocha Lounge Ikebukuro


Although the prices are pretty decent compared to most cafes – 1200 yen per hour – the Mocha Lounge is one of the most beautiful and adorable cafes to visit in Japan! True to its name, this cafe is perfect for lounging around and enjoying the company of adorable, playful cats while sipping on a drink and relaxing during sightseeing and shopping trips in Tokyo.

Breaking free from the stereotype that everything’s smaller in Japan, Mocha Lounge in Ikebukuro is a huge space that provides a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for both cats and patrons alike!

If you’re a fan of watching cats stuff their little faces with food, be sure to head over around 10:30am and 7:30pm. If you want to watch them eat at any other time, you can purchase delicious – for the cat, that is! – treats for just 500 yen.

The cafe doesn’t have as many rare or exotic breeds as Temari no Ouchi, but it does offer the chance to see and interact with Main Coons, Muchkins, Scottish Folds, Ragdolls, Persians, and American Shorthairs. Overall, this spacious lounge is the perfect place to take a quick break and enjoy cuddles from cute cats.

5. Cafe Nekorobi

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Cafe Nekorobi


Another cat cafe located in Ikebukuro, Cafe Nekorobi, is perfect for those who are still a little weary about cafes that are populated with adorable furry residents. It’s one of the less pricey cafes, as one hour will cost you just 1000 yen on weekdays (or 1250 yen per hour on weekends), which includes drinking from the vending machine, WiFi, laptop and Wii usage, and of course access to adorable kittens. 

The cats in this cafe are all extremely practiced with entertaining guests and do their best to give everyone a bit of attention. The cats, of course, would love some attention for themselves in return, as well as a snack or two to show appreciation for all of their hard work!

It’s recommended to head over earlier in the day, as the cats do tire out quickly after a day full of play and might not be as energetic during the night. Just make sure to let sleeping cats lie, as they really do need their rest to be their best for every guest! All in all, Cafe Nekorobi has everything a traveler needs to relax and unwind in a cornucopia of cats!

6. Cat Cafe Asakusa Nekoen

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Cat Cafe Asakusa Nekoen


Located not far from Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, this unique cat cafe has an added bonus that many are unaware of – the cats are all up for adoption! You read correctly; Cat Cafe Asakusa Nekoen is populated with abandoned cats that are looking for a foster parent or new home!

Though it’s probably unlikely you can take one with you if you don’t live in Japan, it’s a great feeling knowing that every interaction you have with the cats will only help them to find their forever home!

One of the less expensive cafes, Nekoen is only 800 yen per hour, and you can purchase numerous drinks, beers, snacks, and even food for your furry new friends during your time in the cafe! Takako Saito, the owner and operator of the establishment, has been rescuing and reforming cats for over 7 years and has no plans of ever stopping!

Her idea to help the cats get over their fear of humans by opening a cat cafe has proven to be one of the greatest ideas of the century! Although the cafe may seem small and simple, the occupants have big personalities and even bigger aspirations of being adopted!

7. Monta

Cat Cafe Tokyo - Monta
Cat Cafe Tokyo – Monta


From what you’ve read already, you can probably guess that the majority of cat cafes focus more on the feline occupants than serving up cafe-style food and drink. While this is generally true, there are cafes that do provide next level food and beverage selections that only heighten the experience of dining with cats. Monta is one such cafe that doesn’t shy away from providing an extensive menu of delicious meals and snacks along with refreshing and rejuvenating drinks! You’ll also receive a ‘menu’ that lists the cats that are currently running around the cafe at that moment that details their names, personalities, and adorable quirks.

If you’re worried that the food will overshadow the furry felines, don’t be! Monta is best known for only have a select few number of cats in the cafe at one point in time – generally around eight or so.

By having less furry felines wandering about, you won’t feel swarmed with attention-seeking balls of fur, and can appreciate them without feeling overwhelmed. If you fall in love with the gorgeous interior, which feels both cozy and spacious at the same time, you can purchase a day pass for only 2000 yen to fully enjoy both the cats and the cafe.

If you’re looking for a furry distraction during your travels, try looking around for a cat cafe near you! Chances are there will be more than a dozen readily available for you to start playing with cats in, though the ones listed above are top picks that you might want to consider first!

A few final tips to remember: be gentle with the furry cafe workers, ensure you follow all listed rules for each establishment, supervise children at all times, and enjoy this fun experience to the fullest while you can! No matter what your reason for coming to Japan, a trip to a cat cafe only serves to heighten your experience and create lasting memories for your journey! 

And if you are looking for more themed cafes in Tokyo, feel free to check out these ones too:

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