Robot Restaurant Tokyo – A Must-Try Attraction in Shinjuku

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If you have the opportunity to visit Tokyo, you will quickly realize that it is a city where you can do very special (and perhaps even strange) activities. You can visit Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, try a Mario Kart tour on the streets of Tokyo, or sit down for coffee in an owl cafe in Shibuya, to name a few.

Today we’re talking about the famous Robot Restaurant. To be honest, for quite some time I wasn’t interested in this attraction, thinking it was only a tourist trap. But after actually trying it, I think it was really nice, so much so that I recommend trying it yourself if you are traveling to Tokyo.

Before getting into what this attraction is about, here are some practical tips on how to book your spot and how to get to Robot Restaurant.

But first, get a taste of what you would see there in this short video:

Robot Restaurant Tokyo – Booking

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japan 01

You can book your spot directly at the restaurant but given the success of this attraction, the show you’ll be attending is most probably going to be sold out when you actually get to the restaurant. So the best solution is to book your ticket online via a travel agency.

I used Klook to buy my ticket because I have always been satisfied with their services but especially because they were offering a 28% discount on the entry price. Click the following link to get access to the offer: Robot Restaurant Tokyo.

After your online reservation, you will receive an electronic ticket that you must present at the restaurant entrance. No need to print it though, just download it on your phone and you’ll be fine. As far as restaurant schedules are concerned, there are 3 shows a day at 5:15 PM, 7:10 PM and 9:05 PM.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo – How to get there

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 02

The Robot Restaurant is located in the district of Kabukicho in Shinjuku. For those who don’t know, Kabukicho is basically Tokyo Red Light District. You will find many hostess clubs there and even some sort of sex shops where you can watch adult movies, etc. Of course, it’s Japan and there are Japanese ways of doing naughty things so you can be sure things never get out of control in this district!

Shinjuku Tokyo - Kabukicho

Here is the exact location of the Robot Restaurant and as you can see, it is easily accessible from Shinjuku Station, Seibu-Shinjuku or Higashi-Shinjuku. Do not hesitate to use the website to find the route and arrival station that suit you best.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo – The Pre-Show

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 03

Before the main show, you will spend around 30 minutes in a colorful hall (pictures above) and have a drink or a bite to eat. You can buy snacks and have a drink at the bar there. I’d even recommend a restroom tour, it’s kind of… flashy!

There’s also a small show with a great singer and a guitarist in a Daft Punk suit.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 07

As soon as the pre-show is over, you’ll be invited to go down some stairs and attend the main show.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 08

The Main Show

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 12

It’s show time! Down the stairs, there’s a large, dark room with rows of chairs on each side. Chairs have numbers on them so find the chair that has yours and sit down! Before the show starts, you will have time to buy drinks and/or snacks. Here is the menu, prices included:

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 09

The show is divided into 3 parts of 30 minutes each with short breaks between shows. You can go to the restroom during breaks but I recommend you do that before the show. Speaking of the show, I don’t want to give you all the details and spoil the whole thing. But you’re basically going to look at robot-tanks parading in front of you and sometimes, people would be riding them!

It’s not just a robot parade. Most of the time, there’s a story behind what is happening on stage. For example, one of the shows is happening in the future and thanks to AI (Artificial Intelligence), robots have invaded the world and control virtually the entire territory. But a panda and many other animals have formed a resistance movement that is going to save the earth.

Robot Restaurant Tokyo Japon 16

The special effects are really impressive and there is always a typically Japanese humor in the scenarios so I really loved this 90-minute show. Here are some more pictures to satisfy your curiosity!

That’s it guys, I think I told you everything about this great experience at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. I recommend you try this extraordinary attraction because it’s something you can only do in the futuristic city of Tokyo. Here is the link again if you’d like to make reservations: Robot Restaurant Tokyo.

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