The 5 Most Impressive Infinity Pools In Singapore You Should Try In 2024

An urban jungle with a sultry climate, Singapore is one of the best places in the world to enjoy a cocktail by the pool; better yet an infinity pool in one of the city’s best rooftop lounges and cabanas. With stunning architecture, heavenly perks, a hip and vibrant atmosphere, as well as a tropical climate all year round, no trip is complete without a stop at one of the city’s best open-air poolside hideouts. For the best infinity pool Singapore has to offer, we’ve got you covered.

1. Marina Bay Sands

Infinity Pool Singapore - Marina Bay Sands 01

Singapore’s best-known pool-side-lounge complete with an out-of-this-world infinity pool, is the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Resort. Not a weekend goes by without a viral post from one of the world’s top super models, businessmen, or international celebrities at this famed locale. And with good reason—Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool offers panoramic views of the city, perched on a 57th story cantilever deck that spans the length of the resort’s three towers. 

Infinity Pool Singapore - Marina Bay Sands 03

As a unique and admiral feat of engineering, the 150 m-long infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands is worth the visit. Much has been said about this famed rooftop lounge that a picture doesn’t already describe, but with all the perks that come with a stay at Marina Bay Sands, it’s hard to miss the delectable cocktails and amuse-bouche offerings, DJ extravaganzas, and general fun atmosphere unique to this three-acre park lounge. 

Relax and bathe in the scenic backdrop all while enjoying a cocktail at the top infinity pool Singapore proudly boasts. For people who love the jet-set lifestyle, this is Singapore’s top experience and on many a bucket list for travelers around the world. 

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2. The Fullerton Hotel

Infinity Pool Singapore - The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 01

For a historic treat, the equally iconic Fullerton Hotel is a well-known landmark in the city. Today, this five-star luxury hotel offers all the historic luxury without some of the modern trappings of Marina Bay Sand’s highly public infinity pool and lounge. The Fullerton Hotel’s infinity pool is the yang to the yin of Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool, if you will. 

A national monument of Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel has enjoyed the reputation as one of the city’s best hotels for over 21 years. Since the lavish renovation that saw the historic building transformed into the iconic hotel it is today, the hotel has developed an international reputation as a luxurious beacon of Singapore’s colonial past. Originally, the building was commissioned as the city’s General Post Office Building, at the centennial celebration of British ownership of Singapore island. 

Infinity Pool Singapore - The Fullerton Hotel Singapore 01

The hotel’s infinity pool is located on a rooftop terrace flanked by stately Doric columns that convey the hotel’s majestic grandeur. The 25-metre long outdoor pool is understated amidst its elegant setting, without compromising luxury. 

The pool looks out onto the pleasant Singapore River and its charming river boats, as well as downtown’s most notable colonial buildings, without compromising privacy either. This is due the pool being arranged in such a way that only the columns are visible from street (or river) level.

The hotel and pool are also angled away from downtown’s towering skyscraper, thus offering privacy from onlookers located in the city’s many downtown office buildings. 

Private and luxurious, the elegant juxtaposition of the city’s modern skyline with the hotel’s historic flavor makes the Fullerton Hotel one of the best infinity pools in Singapore.  

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3. Naumi Hotel

Infinity Pool Singapore - Naumi Hotel 01

Hip and bohemian, this boutique offering is perfect for those well-versed, world-travelers. Popular amongst hip-business professionals, entrepreneurs, fashion’s online trendsetters, and anyone wanting to have a good time; what sets Naumi Hotel’s apart is its Cloud 9 Infinity Pool & Bar. The Naumi Hotel is complete with one of the most stunning views of the city at night, particularly the downtown core. 

Friendly, casual décor complete with neon lights and phrases such as ‘stairway to heaven’ and ‘born to stand out’, gives Cloud 9 a uniquely stylish atmosphere; a style that does not skimp on elegance and offers guests the perfect location for an enjoyable evening amongst friends, both new and old.  

Infinity Pool Singapore - Naumi Hotel 01

The Naumi Hotel’s Cloud 9 Infinity Pool & Bar will serve as the perfect backdrop for those trendy Instagram fashion celebrities’ photos under the sun. And when the sun goes down, the infinity pool serves as a back-setting to the lounge and bar. The drinks, and tunes here are hard to beat, all of which make Cloud 9 a little slice of heaven and the liveliest infinity pool Singapore has for you to enjoy.

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4. Hotel Indigo Katong

Infinity Pool Singapore - Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong 02

Located in the Peranakan neighborhood, the quaint Indigo Singapore Katong hides one of the best rooftop infinity pools Singapore has on the menu. Peranakan is a calm and friendly neighborhood that welcomes guests as the perfect retreat and enclave from the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

Flying high at 16 stories above street level, the views are equally as captivating as some other infinity pools set higher up in the city’s many skyscrapers. This is due to the unblocked views across the more low-lying neighborhood. 

Infinity Pool Singapore - Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong 02

The charming vistas of the city’s colorful rooftops, street-shops and houses make the Indigo Singapore Katong equally as captivating, yet more affordable than some of the more extravagant rooftop pool offerings.

The hotel also offers board games and a breakfast for 2, as well as free parking and 15% F&B discount as a weekend package. But that’s not all, enjoy a relaxing session of yoga by the pool with a complementary lesson available daily, what more could you ask for?! 

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5. Parkroyal on Pickering

Infinity Pool Singapore - Parkroyal on Pickering 01

Parkroyal on Pickering, is just that—royal. Part of the Pan-Pacific chain of luxury hotels, the Parkroyal is a great place to connect, rest and relax. The hotel’s lounge and infinity pool, located on the 5th floor outdoor deck, offers great views of the city’s famed Chinatown. 

The Parkroyal’s claim to fame is as an oasis of relaxation offered by its wellness center, located on the 5th floor along with the hotel’s blue-tiled infinity pool. Enjoy a traditional Thai massage, a one-on-one yoga lesson, or a mani-pedi, all while sipping on a cocktail and gazing out towards the city.

Infinity Pool Singapore - Parkroyal on Pickering 01

Modern and stylish design features throughout the hotel, and the birdcage-like cabanas are unique for semi-private pool-side talks or casual business meetings. The hotel is popular among businessmen and young entrepreneurs from overseas; so, expect a casual mix of work and play by the hotel’s poolside lounge.

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While some other travel destinations around the world may offer more rooftop lounges (we’re looking at you Bangkok), or more infinity pools in general (that’ll be you Bali, Cabo, Cancun and Acapulco—the birthplace of the infinity pool), nowhere mixes this delectable pairing as well as Singapore’s best poolside lounges. While you decide which of the city’s finest equipped rooftops suits your perfect holiday, the best infinity pool Singapore has to offer, awaits your arrival. 

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