The 6 Most Unique Boutique Hotels In Singapore

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Naumi Hotel

In the great Lion City, what makes a boutique hotel special is its innate uniqueness. Add in a little exclusivity and attention to detail (both in service and design), and boutique hotels in Singapore stand apart from the pack. Throw in the mix a vibrant one-of-a-kind experience, and you’re set for that dream holiday destination you’ve only ever heard about. 

From the world’s most celebrated designers, to hoteliers wishing to leave their mark on Singapore’s best boutique hotels, the focus here is on quality, not quantity. As far as design goes, boutique hotels in Singapore have plenty to show off. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top rated and most unique places Singapore has to awe travellers and inspire many future visits to come, so check them out below!

1. M Social Hotel 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - M Social

Welcome to M Social Hotel, the distinct architectural playground of world-renown French designer and architect, Phillipe Starck. As Starck puts it, “[this hotel] is a stage dedicated to creative people”, and that’s definitely something you can feel when you enter this hotel. 

From the staff to the more laissez-faire design elements that are sleek yet comfortable, the hotel exudes an elegant, laid-back atmosphere that is accentuated in the warmly colored furniture present throughout. 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - M Social

One unique feature is the carefully placed iPads that add to the décor and seem to spontaneously jet out of the wall in the hotel’s lobby. Feel free to use them to browse the web and check out restaurants or attractions in the area; you can even take full advantage of the chargers hanging next to them.

Is it a design statement or functionalism? We suppose only Phillipe Starck knows the answer to his cerebral attention to detail. Even so, low batteries and dead phones have become a thing of the past, at least during your stay at M Social. 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - M Social 3

The rooms themselves are truly a sight to behold. An eclectic mix of loft-style, industrial punk, 60s era chairs and comfortable sofas, complete with oversized bay windows that let in all the light you could ever need.

Get your fill then draw the shades and take that long-deserved snooze you’ve been missing out on, in a room that feels like a designer’s home away from home. For the best spot in the house, reserve the Loft Gallery and bask in your own loft-style apartment during your stay.

Boutique Hotel Singapore - M Social 4

With rooms that are meant to feel like home, you’ll be wishing you could stay forever. Rooms also feature free access to your own personal smartphone; free of charge and with no limit on data. You can make international calls and surf the web as much as you need.

2. Lloyd’s Inn

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Lloyd’s Inn 1

Have you died and gone to minimalist heaven? No, even better –you’ve just arrived at Lloyd’s Inn (perhaps they are one and the same?). In any case, this Singapore boutique hotel is nestled a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s downtown streets, and is a perfect spot to take in the nature while clearing your mind.

Fitted with carefully designed rooms that maximize minimalist elements in design as well as color. Take in the understated, elegant décor; oversized glass walls and finely designed wooden elements, then take that long deserved break from the stresses that tend to pile up when traveling (you know you deserve it!).

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Lloyd’s Inn 2

Lloyd’s Inn incorporates nature in a way that balances its minimalist elements with the outdoors—the perfect balance which allows you to declutter your mind. This is specially enhanced in the individual private outdoor jacuzzis, each one designed as the perfect space for meditation and contemplation. 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Lloyd’s Inn 3

If you’re truly seeking a little retreat away from the chaos, this boutique hotel is mindfully designed, taking full advantage of natural light that pours in through the windows during certain times of the day. Lloyd’s Inn boutique hotel in Singapore is also not hard on the pocketbook so don’t hesitate to book your rooms asap.

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3. Klapstar Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Klapstar Boutique Hotel

Next, we have the Klapstar Hotel, a stylish boutique hotel boasting 17 completely unique rooms which highlight travelers’ most important wants and needs—style, relaxation, and comfort. A hybrid between moody, tropical oasis and sci-fi chic space pod awaits your arrival.

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Klapstar Boutique Hotel

Perched just a stone’s throw from Tanjong Pagar’s lively metro station, The Klapstar boutique hotel features contemporary furniture and a uniform space-age aesthetic harking back to l960s era design.

Decked out with sci-fi features, this Singapore boutique hotel’s main reception desk is housed in a shiny, metallic bubble-like pod (after you’ve signed in, prepare for take-off!). The theme continues in each suite; take a shower in one of the room’s completely see-through shower pods akin to being in a kind of space terminal. 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Klapstar Boutique Hotel

Upon request, reserve the Oasis Room and bask in the LED bonanza that is the jacuzzi (yes you read it right, your own personal private jacuzzi that is supped up with rainbow LED lights.)

Lush color palettes, comfy furniture, and futuristic fixtures blend together to create an experience that is both well-designed and comfortable. If you need to do some quick work, or make some business calls, be sure to make use of the work station in every room. With a bright, functional working space, you can get business out of the way and truly enjoy your vacation. 

4. Hotel Vagabond 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - The Vagabond Hotel 1

Hotel Vagabond is like the name suggests—theatrical, colorful, bright and lively. Designed by renowned hotelier Jacques Garcia, this boutique hotel does not hold back on the drama; behold kitschy golden (really brass) statues of rhinoceros and elephants that protrude through the lobby walls.

With rooms chalk-full of cubist paintings, books on modern art, and a lounge full of bright red, plush sofas and chairs, you’ll feel like you’re more at a jazz bar than a hotel. The art doesn’t stop there either, Garcia features other artist’s work, including Franck Le Ray and video installations by Marco Brambilla, which play on loop in the elevator (trés bizzare, indeed). 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - The Vagabond Hotel 2

If you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger or an elaborate cocktail concocted by one of the hotel’s bartenders, stop by the Vagabond Salon and get a quick bite to eat. Or, kick back, relax and listen to live music while sipping on your favorite choice of poison (a perfectly administered cocktail, that is). 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - The Vagabond Hotel 3

This ornate mix of drama, art, and music is highlighted in the rooms as well. Guest rooms resemble a vintage hodgepodge of aesthetics, boasting Persian rugs, vintage telephones, lush woodwork framing the doorways, floors, and halls, as well as framed paintings and drawings. Of course, you can’t forget the kitsch marble bathrooms and glass mosaics —it’s like a palace fit for a mad king!

5. Naumi Hotel

Infinity Pool Singapore - Naumi Hotel 01

Located within the downtown core, next to museums including the National Museum of Singapore and the National Gallery of Singapore, restaurants, parks, and temples, is the Naumi hotel.

Family-owned and operated by entrepreneur, Surya Jhunjhnuwala, Naumi is named after the ninth day of the month in Sanskrit because of its auspicious and fortunate connotations. It’s no wonder this boutique hotel has become synonymous with style, luxury, and breathtaking design.

But it’s not just architectural and design philosophies that are showcased at Naumi, staff will go out of their way to arrange the perfect holiday. From travel and transportation to last-minute, impromptu reservations at top-local restaurants. Normal constraints are circumvented in the name of treating each guest with their own special care and attention (now that’s what I call exceptional customer service!).

Infinity Pool Singapore - Naumi Hotel 01

The rooms themselves ooze luxury, and that’s not an exaggeration. Choose from 5 luxurious rooms each with its own habitat and ambience. The Habitat Room is like a slice of Shangri-La; with an oversized king bed and clean minimalist design.

Oak and earth-toned furniture complete the ambiance and add a meditative atmosphere. This room is perfect for the world-traveler or couple who want to toss off their shoes after a long day about town, ready to sink right into those Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

The Oasis Room is just that; an oasis of peace and tranquility. Designed with hints of traditional Japanese elements, including a black wooden sliding door that encloses the bathroom and separates the two rooms; prepare to bask in your own little Zen paradise!

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Naumi Hotel 1

Next, the Patio Room; very similar to the Habitat Room in its minimalist, clean design, but this time with a private terrace. Decked out with an ultra-comfy large outdoor sofa for lounging and having that long-deserved sparkling glass of champagne after a long day with your significant other.

The fourth room of the Naumi Hotel is uniquely inspired by designers Gabrielle & Camellia. The design takes heed from fashion icon and legend Coco Chanel. This little sanctuary is inspired by Coco’s love for monochromatic colors, timeless design, and flair for understated elegance.

Marvel at the deep oak beams and woodwork throughout and the hints of subtle pastel colors inspired by Chanel’s intuitive color palette that bring the space together. Under the watchful eye of the Camellia flower (often associated with intense love and passion, and used here as a decorative element), let the fruits of relaxation and love flourish during your stay in this iconic room!

Infinity Pool Singapore - Naumi Hotel 01

Last, but definitely not least, the Andy Room takes inspiration from another pop-culture icon—this time, the late Andy Warhol. This space is a feast for pop-art lovers. Take a rest in the comical, oversized woman-shaped salmon-striped chair and foot stool, behold the beautiful wooden floors, enjoy the many framed drawings that hang on the white walls, or take a long, relaxing bath in the modern bath tub.

6. Wanderlust Hotel 

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Wanderlust 1

Located in prime Little India, this property once served as a primary school and has recently been repurposed into one of the coolest and uniquely-themed boutique hotels to kick up your heels. From the art nouveau-inspired exterior, to the 4 individually themed levels boasting 29 rooms each with their own individual personality, Wanderlust definitely stays true to its name.

Boutique Hotel Singapore - Wanderlust 2

First, we start at the lobby level, where industrial, steam-punk, arcade and bar collide in a sleek, fun and expertly designed former atrium.

The Wanderlust boutique hotel enlisted the help of one of Singapore’s most renown design agencies (the Asylum) to deck out this level, so expect the most careful attention to little details—like colored stained glass atop bay windows furnished with a mix of vibrant retro furniture, wood floors, and vintage furnishings like a 60s international orange fridge. 

After you’ve checked in, take a second to grab a drink at the oversized L-shaped bar, or just take a minute to take it all in. 


The second level is designed by Phunk studios. This level’s focus is on uniform bright colors, with each room containing its own unique neon sign that references a classic song and its artist. The cherry red room with its neon moniker ‘Pink Triangle’ by Weezer is aptly named.

The same goes for the rest of the rooms on this level each with their own flavor, color, and sound. These rooms are often compact, with more of a focus on minimalist elements and the room’s monochrome color palette and taste so to speak. To boot, each room contains its own personal espresso machine as well!

After you’ve been through the rainbow ringer on level two, you can take a breath and relax. The third level sticks mainly to just a black and white color palette. More surprising are the room’s illustrative, graphic 2D cutouts posing as furniture in your room.

Request a stay at the Origami Room on this level, and get a chance to marvel at your own origami sculpture hugging the ceiling while you remote control the room to cycle through a myriad of colorful LED light settings. While you may want to escape the comic strip world that is your hotel room to venture out eventually,  the coolness factor of the faux-cartoon furniture never really wears off.

The fourth and final level, named Creature Comforts and designed by Ffurious agency, is the most unique yet. With a strong focus on creating all rooms each with their own individual personality and style, as well as their own resident creature plush toy that goes hand in hand with the room’s unique theme.

Book a night in the Whimsical Tree Room, ordained with countless kinds of wood; from oak, to maple, to cedar making up the bed frame, furniture, and desk. True to form, expect to be visited by the room’s tree monster shyly hiding somewhere in the room. Once you’ve become acquainted, cuddle up with your new buddy and catch some Z’s.

The rooms themselves are separated into two levels, with the sleeping quarters on the top level and the furniture, light fixtures, furnishings and an oversized tv on the lower. When you feel like going for a little dip, take a relaxing swim under the moonlight in the level’s rainbow-colored outdoor pool. 

Wanderlust Hotel Singapore

When booking your boutique accommodation in Singapore, rest assured that no matter what your particular tastes are, that one special boutique hotel is out there. From the ultra-luxurious to funky-fresh to minimalist and comfortable and everything in between; there’s no shortage of boutique hotels that cater to each and every individual taste and desire.

It’s no wonder Singapore is known for its excellent hospitality industry, which highlights comfort and luxury, as well as style and flair. With all these options, one thing’s for sure, the perfect boutique hotel of your dreams is waiting for you!

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