Hostel Singapore – 7 Cheap Places For Budget Travellers In 2024

Hostel Singapore #7 – The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel 01

In a city filled with great options, Singapore hostels offer amazing one-off budget accommodations that are hard to beat. If part of the voyage is the destination, then staying at a destination hostel in Singapore is an adventure in itself; meeting interesting new people in a friendly atmosphere, staying in inspiring spaces with amazing décor, as well as those special little touches that make the experience all the more worthwhile.

Staying in a not-so-amazing hostel (anywhere in the world), can be the beginning of a travel nightmare the stuff of legend. From rowdy roommates, to missing items, unclean bathing facilities, you name it! When it comes to hostels, it is best to go with the best depending on your individual criteria. As a result, we’ve compiled the list of the best hostel Singapore has to offer!

1. Fisher BnB

Hostel Singapore - Fisher BnB 01

If a term like a five-star hostel were a thing, this could be it. This is the hostel for world travellers who choose to stay at a hostel instead of a hotel, not to meet their budget, but for the ‘experience’ itself. With that being said, Fisher BnB is very much a hostel’s hostel.  Located just 2 miles away from Singapore’s famed Orchard Road, Fisher BnB has earned the reputation as the most ‘happening’ hostel in Singapore—this means great and interesting people from around the globe.

Hostel Singapore - Fisher BnB 01

A sharp-eye for décor and design, sets Fisher BnB apart from the competition. Designed with a utilitarian, modern bent in mind, the focus here isn’t so much on the décor, rather it is on meeting unique travellers from all over the world.

Hostel Singapore - Fisher BnB 01

As the top-rated hostel in Singapore, Fisher BnB also offers private rooms that sleeps up to 4 travellers (called the family room), as well as standard open rooms which accommodate up to 16 men, and 12 for the ladies. With 24-hour card access (no lockouts!), high-speed WiFi, ironing boards, shared showers, separate toilets, a common lounge area, and complimentary computers complete with webcam and microphone, Fisher BnB is both an affordable and fashionable hostel, as well as a great base of operations.

Book It Here: Fisher BnB

2. The Atlas Station

Hostel Singapore #2 – The Atlas Station

Singapore and Asia are seen by many travellers as sci-fi wonderlands of neon lights, futuristic architecture and cosmopolitan exoticism. While this is true, every corner does not always scream Bladerunner. If this is the kind of hostel you’ve been looking for, then you’ll feel right at home at The Atlas Station.

Experience this one-of-a-kind Singapore hostel in futuristic capsules complete with purple LED lights throughout and white chrome sleeping environments. Sleeping pods are replete with control panels that will make you feel like you are in a space-age movie (Houston, we have touchdown). 

Hostel Singapore #2 – The Atlas Station

The best part is, the capsules of The Atlas Station offer noise cancelling technology to block out all noise and light, making it the perfect place to get a good night’s rest. While getting proper rest is on everyone’s accommodation checklist, it’s surprising how easily this simple requirement can go amiss. Especially for light sleepers when other roommates decide to come in just a tad after last call. 

Hostel Singapore #2 – The Atlas Station

The common areas feature a café-style environment that plays lightly on the space-age theme, with modern décor, that would be fashionable anywhere from Asia to Scandinavia. The Atlas Station is perfect for light sleepers, single male travellers or couples that enjoy everything sci-fi, as well as the ladies who are into a futuristic experience as well!

Book It Here: The Atlas Station

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3. The Bohemian

Hostel Singapore - The Bohemian

The Bohemian is the perfect hostel to taste Singapore best food and it’s also a great location for those who love to do a little shopping. Located in close proximity to Singapore’s best malls and eateries, The Bohemian is a foodie/shopaholic’s paradise. This nonconformist hostel offers an airport shuttle and is located close to the city’s downtown core, as well as just 100m from Chinatown.

Hostel Singapore - The Bohemian

The Bohemian is perfect for getting in the sights, and jetting off to your dream Southeast Asian vacay. As one of the top-rated hostels in the city, The Bohemian is adorned with an eclectic mix of color and modern décor that is zany enough to work well.

Popular with young couples, college students and (oh, right), bohemian voyagers, expect an entertaining mix of largely female travellers from across the globe. Great vibes all around. Continental Breakfast, WIFI, also included. 

Book It Here: The Bohemian

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4. Lodge41

Hostel Singapore #4 – Lodge41  01

A hidden gem located close to downtown, Lodge 41 is a great hostel to get comfortable in your surroundings and get situated. Quiet, comfy and close to transportation, this Singapore hostel also offers a basic breakfast including toast, cereal, hard-boiled eggs, fruits and juices.

Hostel Singapore #4 – Lodge41  01

As far as Singapore’s hostels go, Lodge41 offers great modern décor that is simple, comfortable, accessible and convenient. The hostel also includes plush sleeping environments perfect for individuals who need a comfortable bed, as well as clean and comfortable common areas with a chic-modern look that caters to single female travellers.

Lodge41 is perfect for tuning out the noise from the outside and getting comfortable in a friendly and safe space. The staff will also go out of their way to treat guests with care and attention. In addition, Lodge41 is rated as a top-value pick from travellers, and is considered the best Singapore hostel (bang) for your buck.

Book It Here: Lodge 41

5. Rucksack Inn @ Lavender Street

Hostel Singapore - Rucksack Inn @ Lavender Street

Rucksack Inn is the party hostel, the stuff of legend! You know, the one with the ruckus crowd of beer-chugging party people ready to have the best time ever! Complete with great open spaces and common grounds, and best yet, a relaxing vibe and chill atmosphere (as we all know the worst is a party hostel with an uncomfortable atmosphere).

With a great location to boot, the hostel is located just 10 minutes waking distance from Little India, 15 minutes to Arab Street on public transit or taxi and 20 minutes from Chinatown and Clarke Quay.

Hostel Singapore - Rucksack Inn @ Lavender Street

With all this action, you’re likely guessing you’ll miss out on some sleep, but this is not so, since the room accommodations are quiet and private. While it might be the perfect party hostel in Singapore, this accommodation staple also includes an equally quiet and private rooftop terrace perfect for relaxing and planning a day of sightseeing or a night out. The Rucksack Inn @ Lavender Street is popular with Southeast Asia explorers anticipating their next great adventure.

As Singapore hostels go, The Rucksack Inn is great for getting in a few brewskies and a few zzzs, then going on your merry way with a backpack in tow and a camera full of new faces and friends. Perfect for the needs of backpackers, this hostel includes laundry facilities, a small but free breakfast of toast, jam, coffee and tea, and, better yet, discounted tickets to Singapore’s top attractions as well as experimental, no-frills tours that get you to the main attraction. The hostel also has a great restaurant that opens late, perfect for when you need to chow-down or face a severe hangover!

Book It Here: Rucksack Inn

6. Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

Hostel Singapore #6 – Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

Located on Tan Quee Lan Street, a bustling center of culture in Bugis district, is the most inviting hostel for the ideal reprieve from the city’s hustle and bustle. Atlantis Pods is located just 450 m from Bugis Junction and Bugis MRT Station. 

Hostel Singapore #6 – Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

The hostel is complete with modern and simple décor that is stylish and inviting. An open dining/common area greets guests with the perfect place to concentrate, enjoy the complimentary breakfast, read or just simply relax. The hostel includes quiet and understated sleeping quarters that accommodate up to 8, as well as small private queen rooms that book far in advance. So, make sure to plan ahead if you wish this hostel to be the place where you pitch your tent.

Hostel Singapore #6 – Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

Particularly popular with couples, the Atlantis Pods @ Bugis is the perfect hostel in Singapore for young online professionals, people who enjoy modern design living, and those who prefer a more secluded affair from a budget accommodation. While not the anthill of activity or meeting hub of people from around the world, this hostel is just the ticket for travels who are more privacy-concerned.

Comfortable, quiet, stylish and inviting, Atlantis Pods is the best budget accommodation in Singapore’s bustling neighborhood of Bugis. This unique retreat is also one of the top-rated budget accommodations in the city; simply hard to beat. 

Book It Here: Atlantis Pods @ Bugis

7. The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel

Hostel Singapore #7 – The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel 01

With a name like that, how can you go wrong? The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel does the traditional hostel the right way. Located in a restored shophouse just 250 m from Chinatown Station, this friendly and affordable hostel is close to some of the city’s top sights –the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Chinatown’s Heritage Center being just a stone’s throw away.

Hostel Singapore #7 – The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel 01

This traditional but modern Singapore hostel offers conventional hostel-style rooming options; the type which originally made the notion of budget/shared accommodations popular with young travellers. We mean, bunk-beds with open sleeping areas, the traditional lockers (in this case painted bright and colorful), great common areas, and an overall friendly atmosphere.

This also means computer workstations, an open pantry and kitchen free for guests to use, TV rooms complete with age-old DVDs (they still have these?), leave-and-share books from around the world, board games and game consoles all under the trustful eye of the hostel bear-mascot painted smart and colorful throughout. Oh, did we mention the unlimited hot beverages?

Hostel Singapore #7 – The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel 01

Expect to see young, friendly tourists (and even a school trip or two), back-packing couples, as well as quiet, lonesome world explorers. The hostel features simple and efficient décor that is modern but uncomplicated and an all-around, upbeat ambiance.

This particular accommodation type is perfect for large groups, but can be well-suited for solo travellers as well. The vibe here is friendly and cheerful, but does not skimp on comfort and style. The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel is a great place to get your bear-ings, if you will!

Book It Here: The Beary Best! By a Beary Good Hostel

And, there you have it, the best hostels in Singapore, all catering to unique travellers with their own specific needs in mind. As a great cosmopolitan city, Singapore offers guests a great variety of comfortable, chic, and inviting digs, perfect to get exactly what you want out of an accommodation. Something that stimulates the senses, all with a charismatic charm and eye for service that makes Asia a great travel destination; and better yet, at a good price.

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