The 10 Most Beautiful Resorts In Myanmar In 2024

Myanma Resorts - Myanmar Treasure Resorts - Ngwe Saung

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a genuinely beautiful country. I spent a month there and I’m sure I’ll be back someday. Myanmar is steeped in history and culture but you can also find great resorts where to relax and enjoy magnificent settings.

Rather than a top 10, let’s have a list with the best resorts in each location.It would be much more useful and easier to understand, I think. Starting with one the best spots in Myanmar, Ngapali Beach would be ideal to celebrate nothing but idleness.

Myanmar Resorts – Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach is situated in the south ouest and is known for having the country’s best beaches so no wonder that 4 of the 10 hotels mentioned in this list are in Ngapali.

Amazing Ngapali Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Amazing Ngapali Resort

Amata Resort and Spa

Myanmar Resorts - Amata Resorts and Spa

Amara Ocean Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Amara Ocean Resort

Ngapali Bay Villas and Spa

Myanmar Resorts - Ngapali Bay Villas and Spa

Myanmar Resorts – Ngwe Saung

More towards the south of Ngapali is Ngwe Saung, situated west of Yangon, Myanmar’s former capital.The seaside city has long and beautiful beaches to offer and 2 of the resorts mentioned in this list are in Ngwe Saung. Here they are:

Myanmar Treasure – Ngwe Saung

Myanma Resorts - Myanmar Treasure Resorts - Ngwe Saung

Bay of Bengal Resort

Myanma Resorts - Bay of Bengal Resort

Myanmar Resorts – Inle Lake

The next three resorts are situated along the Inle Lake in Northeastern Myanmar. There are no beaches here but the setting is absolutely mindblowing and there’s almost always a view on Inle Lake.

Inle Lake View Resort & Spa

Myanmar Resorts - Inle Lake View Resort & Spa

Sanctum Inle Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Sanctum Inle Resort

Royal Nadi Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Royal Nadi Resort

By the way, if you want to discover more beaches in Myanmar, make sur your read this blog post: Myanmar Beaches.

Myanmar Resorts – Mandalay

Let’s end this list of the best hotels in Myanmar with two of the most enjoyable hotels in Mandalay:

Mandalay Hill Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Mandalay Hill Resort

Rupar Mandalar Resort

Myanmar Resorts - Rupar Mandalar Resort

There you go! Those were 10 of the best unbelievably gorgeous hotels in Myanmar. All you have to do is book your accommodation and hop on a plane to an unforgettable stay in Myanmar.

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