The 12 Most Beautiful Ryokan With A View On Mount Fuji In 2024

Mt Fuji Ryokan #5 – Fuji Lake Hotel 1

Mount Fuji has long been a favourite place to visit whilst in the beautiful country of Japan for many people. It’s often associated as being the ‘symbol’ of Japan, and as the biggest mountain in Japan, viewable from many standpoints in the country (a massive feat!), its popularity has meant that visitors will go quite a distance to ensure they manage to capture a beautiful image of it when visiting. 

Climbing Mount Fuji Japan

To ensure they make the most of their trip to see Mount Fuji, many people ensure they book hotels and ryokans that offer unobstructed views of the mountain, as it’s really only a once in a lifetime experience that you don’t want to get wrong.

We’re here to help you by suggesting some of the top Japanese Inns which you can book for an amazing view of Mt Fuji. We’ve tried to meet everyone’s budgets, but as with most things, prices are relative and you get what you pay for, so even if it may be outside of your price range, consider that it may be your only time visiting this place.

Before to start this collection of Ryokan, if you are unfamiliar with Japanese traditional inns, feel free to get some info here: What is a Ryokan.

1. Lakeland Mizunosato

Mt Fuji Ryokan #1 – Lakeland Hotel Mizuosato 1

This Japanese Inn is one of the most highly rated stays in all of Fujikawaguchiko, and it’s not hard to see why. It boasts an outdoor and indoor bath, as well as an outdoor hot tub for all guests.

Enjoy the full Japanese experience, with all their rooms offering comfortable bedding, a large seating area, private en-suites which come with toiletries, and most importantly, a stunning view of Mount Fuji.

If you want to go all out, we recommend booking a room with the open-air bath, for a private bathing experience in the open that you’ll never forget. Dinner is a Japanese buffet or a kaiseki multi-course, again with unobstructed views of Mt Fuji.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #1 – Lakeland Hotel Mizuosato 1

Book It Now: Lakeland Mizunosato

2. Ambia Shofukaku

Mt Fuji Ryokan #2 – Hotel Ambia Shofukaku 1

Located in Shizuoka, which is a lesser known area for accommodation to view Mount Fuji, Ambia Shofukaku is a dark horse, but being located right close to the water and offering surprisingly gorgeous views of Mt Fuji most days does help its standing.

This hotel is 3-star, but its amenities, services, features and views are 6-star, if you must. The high ceilings in the dining area create a luxe ambient, and combine that with the unmatched views of the lake and mountain, and you’ve got yourself a real winner here.

Indulge in a buffet breakfast every morning, and relax in the indoor or outdoor pool for the rest of the day.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #2 – Hotel Ambia Shofukaku 2

Book It Now: Ambia Shofukaku

3. Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 – Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso 1

Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso is a ryokan that many people dream of when they think of Japanese Inns. Often picked as the highlight of their trip, past customers have hardly found fault with anything this ryokan has to offer.

From its grand views of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi at almost every corner of the hotel, to the stunning hot spring baths available publicly outdoor as well as privately in some of the larger-than-average rooms, to the additional entertainment touches such as the karaoke rooms, game centres, and lounge bars, this ryokan has it all when it comes to style, comfort, and all around quintessential Japanese experience. 

Japanese Traditional Inn #3 – Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso 2

Book It Now: Fujikawaguchiko Onsen Konanso

4. Maruei

Mt Fuji Ryokan #4 – Maruei 1

“10/10 would stay again”, a direct quote from a past customer, and for some, a statement that resonates with their innate desire to experience a place purely because of a fellow traveler’s unwavering.

Maruei is one in a million, and it’s easy to tell why from the moment you arrive outside of this strangely grand yet quaint Japanese ryokan, offering Japanese-style rooms, kaiseki meals for dinner, tatami mats, an observatory, a public open-air bath and private baths, and insane views of the stunning Mount Fuji peak.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #4 – Maruei 1

Comfort and relaxation are the main priorities here, and you can tell by the peace and quiet maintained, as well as the larger-than-average rooms provided. Did we mention they provide some quality skincare amenities as well?

Book It Now: Maruei Ryokan

5. Fuji Lake Hotel

Mt Fuji Ryokan #5 – Fuji Lake Hotel 1

This aptly named Fuji Lake Hotel is located right in front of Lake Kawaguchi (surprise, surprise!), and offers an authentic experience for those who want to throw ‘modern’ out the window and instead embrace ‘retro’ and ‘classic’.

The rooms offer either a pleasant view of the lake or an outstanding view of Mount Fuji (you choose), and also come with a flat-screen TV and en-suite bathroom. Every guests will be presented with a Japanese Yukata robe to wear comfortably around should they choose to.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #5 – Fuji Lake Hotel 1

There’s also a pool that’s available every summer, massage service that’s available upon request, and dinner consists of Japanese and Western course meals, whilst breakfast is an outstanding buffet – of course, all foods are made fresh with seasonal ingredients, no doubt about it.

Book It Now: Fuji Lake Hotel 

6. La Vista Fujikawaguchiko

Japanese Traditional Inn #6 – La Vista Fujikawaguchiko

La Vista Fujikawaguchiko is one of our top picks for places to stay for views of Mount Fuji. Whilst it’s not located next to the lake, its luxuriousness and grandeur comes from the perfect blend of European influences with Japanese authenticity coming together to create this absolutely stunning hotel.

The larger than life rooms come with comfortable seating areas, large bathrooms, extraordinarily comfortable beds, and, it goes without saying, crazy good views. For a slightly different traditional inn experience, we recommend giving La Vista a good go. 

Japanese Traditional Inn #6 – La Vista Fujikawaguchiko

Book It Now: La Vista Fujikawaguchiko

7. Shuhokaku Kogetsu

Mt Fuji Ryokan #7 – Shuhokaku Kogetsu

Shuhokaku Kogetsu is an absolutely faultless ryokan, located right along the shore of Lake Kawaguchi. Its views of Mount Fuji and the lake are second to none, as can be attested by many past customers.

It offers plenty of mention-worthy features, but its number one attraction has got to be the outdoor onsen, surrounded by Japanese greenery, finished with a bamboo shelter covering, with uninterrupted views of Mt Fuji in the distance – it’s a clear winner.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #7 – Shuhokaku Kogetsu 3

All rooms themselves offer views of the lake and Mount Fuji, as well as comfortable futon bedding and an en-suite bathroom. A Japanese/western breakfast buffet is served in the dining hall, whilst a traditional kaiseki dinner is brought into the privacy of the guest rooms for the ultimate Zen dining experience.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #7 – Shuhokaku Kogetsu

Book It Now: Shuhokaku Kogetsu

8. Izu Mitohama Shoutoukan

Mt Fuji Ryokan #8 – Izua Mitohama Shoutoukan

Uniquely located right in front of Uchiura Bay, Izu Mitohama Shoutoukan is the epitome of authenticity meeting comfort right at the midway line.

Its main feature would be the outdoor onsen available on the top floor where you’d be exposed to a full-circle view of the water and Mount Fuji, however, if you manage to book a room with a private open-air onsen, then you’ll probably never want to leave.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #8 – Izua Mitohama Shoutoukan

The huge rooms, all fitted with air-con, feature tatami floors, and all guests have the option to sleep on futon bedding configurations or western-style beds.

In addition, there are also private hot-spring baths available for booking (if you didn’t manage to book one with your room), and an on-site Ganban hot-stone sauna to sweat it all out. There’s even a karaoke room for late night entertainment!

Mt Fuji Ryokan #8 – Izua Mitohama Shoutoukan

Book It Now: Izu Mitohama Shoutouken

9. Yoshimatsu

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 – Yoshimatsu

Hakone, located an hour away from Tokyo, is an area renowned for its superb onsen experiences, but not so much for the views of Mount Fuji.

However, it’s indeed a sleeper in that category, for there are many ryokans and hotels which unabashedly offer amazing views, albeit from a different angle. Yoshimatsu Ryokan is one of them (and an automatic 10 points on the board for that cool name, right?).

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 – Yoshimatsu

Surrounded by bamboo trees and rolling hills, with a Zen landscaped garden, traditional Japanese gates, koi ponds, and both public outdoor onsens and private indoor onsens, this traditional Sukiya-style ryokan is an architectural masterpiece. 

Japanese Traditional Inn #9 – Yoshimatsu

Tatami flooring, comfortable bedding, a flat-screen TV, and private bathrooms make up the incredibly warming rooms, and you can choose whether you have your freshly-made Kyoto-style set meals for breakfast and dinner inside your rooms or in the main dining areas. 

Book It Now: Yoshimatsu Ryokan

If you are looking for more traditional inns in Hakone, you can check out this blog post: Best Ryokan in Hakone.

10. Green Plaza Hakone

Mt Fuji Ryokan #10 – Green Plaza Hakone 1

Lastly but definitely not least, Green Plaza Hakone – a perfect blend of clean, classy, luxe, and comfort. You might feel like you’re living like royalty here, with their grand entrances and impressive common areas and bedding provisions and luxurious touches to the rooms, and the 5-star service by the staff members will do nothing to disturb that.

Mt Fuji Ryokan #10 – Green Plaza Hakone 1

The public indoor onsen is absolutely huge, the buffet dining area is enormous, and the size of the rooms will have you breathing a sight of relief that your head will definitely not go anywhere near the ceiling (a trait that some of you might find quite common in Japan!).

If you want to go the distance, soak in the sauna after your hot spring bath, and book in a massage after that, fuel up at the dinner buffet afterwards, and fall asleep on a bed of clouds in your room. 

Mt Fuji Ryokan #10 – Green Plaza Hakone 1

Book It Now: Green Plaza Hakone

11. Hotel Asafuji

Hotel Asafuji Ryokan Mount Fuji 3

Hotel Asafuji is a ryokan situated in an absolutely prime location. Boasting views of Mount Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko, staying at this hotel is like living a dream.

Relax to dreamy sunset views of the surrounding mountain ranges; wake up to the gentle lull of Lake Kawaguchiko.

Hotel Asafuji Ryokan Mount Fuji 1

Whilst simple and minimalistic, Hotel Asafuji offers so much more than what meets the eye. All guestrooms come with air-conditioning for those balmy summer nights. They’re also furnished with traditional low Japanese furniture, including a lounging set as well as futon bedding. There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel for all guests.

Hotel Asafuji Ryokan Mount Fuji 2

There is also a lush hot spring bath with expansive views over Lake Kawaguchiko and Mount Fuji. Talk about spoilt!

Book It Now: Hotel Asafuji

12. Fuji Onsen Yumedono

Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

Fuji Onsen Yumedono is a luxurious 5-star ryokan accommodation that leaves little to the imagination. No thoughts were spared when designing this ryokan for the comfort and pleasure of its guests, with premium necessities such as ample resting and sleeping space, private open-air baths for all guest rooms, private bathrooms, extraordinary ambient lighting that set the mood, and gorgeous Japanese architecture.

Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

Traditional aesthetics combine with modern creature comforts here to create the perfect balance of Zen, tranquillity, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

For those who are lucky with the weather during their stay, you’ll be waking up to views of Mount Fuji – imagine that!

Fuji Onsenji Yumedono

Guests Tips: Simply take the time to explore the entire complex, and there are so many things to enjoy, such as the garden and the koi pond. There is a sake brewery nearby that does tours and tastings.

Book It Now: Fuji Onsen Yumedono

You’re probably pleasantly surprised by how many of these hotels are actually not located in or around Lake Kawaguchiko! We’re hoping we shed some light on how flexible it is to be able to land an amazing view of Mount Fuji around Japan (it’s THAT big of a mountain, you see!), and that with proper planning, you can capture the beauty of this monumental landmark quite easily right from your private balcony.

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PS: If you are a big fan of Mt Fuji, discover how to climb this gorgeous mountain here: Climbing Mt Fuji.

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