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Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo Japon 19 Couverture

Eorzea Cafe Tokyo Many Final Fantasy fans visit Japan every year but they probably don’t know is that there is an official coffee shop for FF fans in Tokyo. Anyway, I didn’t know about the café until fairly recently so I wanted to tell you more about it because I’m sure many of you will be interested!

So Eorzea Café is very popular among Japanese Final Fantasy fans, but the booking system is complicated and the website is only in Japanese. Here are my tips to easily book your ticket online!

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo – Booking

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Booking

By the way, ever wondered why the Final Fantasy café is called Eorzea? It is actually the name of a place you can visit in FF XIV. The shop’s decor is inspired by the Carline Canopy tavern, also found in the world of FF XIV.

To have access to Eorzea, you need a ticket with which you can also get a free drink. Then you can order whatever you like. The problem is that the online booking website is in Japanese, your next option being to book your spot directly at the café. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find available tickets for the next two weeks! They sell out pretty quickly sometimes.

What I did was book via Voyagin about a month ahead of time. And it went really well, actually. I waited for a confirmation email from the agency that I received 24 hours later. Then I went to pick up my ticket at their premises in Shibuya. It was quick and easy as pie! 🙂

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo – How To Get There

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - How To Get There

Eorzea is located in Akihabara, the most otaku district in Tokyo. Kind of obvious, isn’t it? To go to the famous Final Fantasy café, go to this building and take the stairs up to the second floor. Directions to the café could turn out to be unhelpful so don’t hesitate to ask at the reception if you think you’re lost. Also make sure to be there at least fifteen minutes early.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo – Entrance

Once at the cafe, present your ticket. You will be asked to choose a FF character. The staff at the reception spoke very little English so I was a bit lost when they asked me. So lost that I chose a Black Mage character, thinking that they were going to make me wear a magician’s costume or something.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Entrance

Turns out it was just to give me a coaster with the character I chose on it. You can collect them and try to get the 15 coasters available.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Entrance

You’ll then have to wait in line and you will be given a list of drinks and a tablet for your orders. The list is to order the free drink you want so make sure to do that first. Everything is written in Japanese so look for the drink you want on the tablet and ask someone to tick the corresponding box on the list for you.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Entrance

Then you can order dishes using the tablet by scrolling through the pages and clicking on what you want to eat. As soon as you’re done, you can give the list and the tablet back and you will finally be directed to the Eorzea café where you’ll be able to stay for a maximum of 2 hours.

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Entrance

Inside FF’s World

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Inside FF's World

It’s like I was a child again! There were references to the world of Final Fantasy pretty much everywhere, from mogs to pampas to typical weapons featured in the game! I’ve always been a big fan of the game since I was a kid, so being in that café was quite something for me.

You can even play the latest Final Fantasy online at the café! Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?

Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe Tokyo - Inside FF's World

As far as the food is concerned, I had already had lunch so I only ordered an elixir to fill up on HPs and MPs (if you’re a true FF fan, you’ll know what I mean!) and a chocolate cake.

Visiting the Final Fantasy café in Tokyo was an experience I really didn’t want to miss out on and as a fan of the game, it’s definitely one of my favorite attractions. It really made me want to play an old FF again (FF VIII is my favorite)! What’s your favorite FF? Do you still play it? Let me know in the comments!

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