The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Taiwan

The 10 Best Taiwan Beaches You Need To Visit During Your Trip

If you’re visiting Taiwan, of course the first thing you’re going to think about is the food. Taiwan is undoubtedly Asia’s culinary kitchen, with so many unique Taiwanese dishes that deserve notable mentions it’s almost impossible to compile a list of all of them. This front that Taiwan shows is 110% true and definitely it’s biggest gift to the world, however, it’s definitely not the only thing that Taiwan is capable of providing. 

The 10 Best Taiwan Beaches You Need To Visit During Your Trip 1

If you didn’t know already, this little island also hosts some of Asia’s most stunning beaches. Whether you’re the type to be drawn to pristine clean white-sand beaches with soft waves or golden sand beaches with crashing monster waves, you’ll find it all here on the island of Taiwan.

The locals have long established a deep love for the ocean, and it’s because of this that at pretty much all major beaches, you’ll find plenty of activities to do, whether it’s sand castle building or water-based activities such as surfing, wind-surfing, snorkeling, and diving. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best beaches in Taiwan you should visit if some fun in the sun is what you’re after!

1. Fulong Beach 

Taiwan Beaches #1 – Fulong Beach 

If you’re situated in Taipei, don’t worry, you won’t be missing out on sunshine and beaches! In fact, Fulong Beach, which is rated as one of the top beaches across Taiwan, is located just a short train ride away from the city centre! 

This long gorgeous golden-sand strip of beach is a hotspot for many of those in the younger generation. There are some private areas that are sectioned off that can only be accessed with a small fee which will let you use the showers and change rooms – the smallest price to pay for a little bit of luxury. 

There are many activities that can be done at this beach, such as hopping on a banana boat, jet skiing, and kayaking, but if you happen to be there during April, there is a massive national sand sculpture festival that you can view. The sculptures are some next level stuff – there’s plenty of intricate detailing to admire, you’ll be amazed by the creativity of it all.

Access: From Taipei Main Station, take any north-bound train (except the Keelung-bound train) and alight at Fulong Station. 

Recommended Resort at Fulong Beach: Fullon Hotel Fulong

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Fulong Beach- Fullon Hotel Fulong 1

Generous-sized bedrooms, a massive luxurious pool, in-room spas, views that overlook the beach – what else could you want? The Fullon Hotel Fulong is everyone’s answer to the perfect beach resort. It’s got all the amenities that will make you not want to leave in the mornings and breathe a sigh of relief once you get back from your daily activities.

Exceptional service from its staff member will truly make your stay memorable. You can look forward to the free Wi-Fi, the massive outdoor pool, relaxing spa, and fresh seafood dishes at the in-house Lotus Room restaurant.

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Fulong Beach- Fullon Hotel Fulong 1

Why Guests Love It: “Great spacious hotel with good rooms, dinner and breakfast and many family facilities. Loved the swimming pools, kids loved them too. Enough to do. You can choose activities as you please: cycling, canoeing, surfing, lying on the beach outdoors, playgrounds, virtual reality room, and great outdoor hot spring.”

Book It Now: Fullon Hotel Fulong

2. Baishawan Beach 

Taiwan Beaches #2 – Baishawan Beach

Literally translated to meaning ‘white-sand bay’, this gorgeous respite that’s an easy trip from Taipei City is where you’d go if you didn’t want to travel too far to splash in some water. If you’re after some fun in the sun, here, you are permitted to swim anytime from May until September, and possibly even partake in some surfing lessons too.

If you’re the type to just appreciate beach scenery but not necessarily get your feet wet, Baishawan Beach also has a coastal walk that extends to a few kilometres around the shoreline which you can leisurely stride through at your own pace. Towards the northern end of the beach, you will be able to shop around for some souvenirs, and grab some lunch at the cafes and restaurants sprinkled around the area.

Access: Take the MRT Red Line to Tamsui Station. After exiting, cross the street and board any bus from the following and alight at Baishawan: 622, 623, 1261, 1262, 1263.

Recommended Resort at Baishawan Beach: Yang Ming Shan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Baishawan Beach- Yang Ming Shan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 1

This 4-star accommodation is one of the most luxurious resorts across Taiwan. Located only 12km away from Baishawan Beach, it’s close enough for easy access, and yet far enough in the mountains for the seclusion you’ve only ever dreamt about. Its impressive size and décor have wowed plenty of patrons in the past, and we have no doubt you’ll be stunned by its sheer grandeur the moment you lay your eyes on it.

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Baishawan Beach- Yang Ming Shan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 1

Offering a stunning hot spring park, multiple water spa facilities, an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, two in-house restaurants, private balconies across all rooms, a flat-screen TV and private bathrooms with bathtubs, luggage storage facilities and 24-hour front desk – this place is paradise in flesh.

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Baishawan Beach- Yang Ming Shan Tien Lai Resort & Spa 1

Why Guests Love It: “Very impressive hot spring and spa resort. Large outdoor and many pools. Super good facilities for onsen and bath lovers. High variety to choose for buffet breakfast.”, “Everything about this resort was perfect. My wife wanted to visit hot springs in Taiwan so I chose this spot. Our Japanese style room came with a hot spring tub on the balcony.”, “The hot spring waterpark was wonderful, many different pools and therapeutic water activities. The room was beautiful and very luxurious.”

Book It Now: Yang Ming Shan Tien Lai Resort & Spa

3. Laomei Beach 

Taiwan Beaches #3 – Laomei Beach

Laomei is definitely a destination for beach lovers, but not as you know it. Here, photography enthusiasts can rejoice as the stunning landscape of the troughs and trenches that are carved from volcanic rock which sit along the coastline provide one of the most stunning imageries of nature that anyone can hope to see. Between every April and May, green algae cover the landscape, making it even more spectacular to witness.

They reach out into the sea, but there is a section between the rocks and the waters where a strip of sand provides an area to play on, however, it depends on the tides. Don’t expect to be basking under the sun here or participate in any particular water sports – it’s purely just a feast for your eyes.

Access: Head to Tamsui MRT Station, and then take any of the following bus’s and alight at Laomei Stop (老梅站): 862, 863, 892.

Recommended Resort at Laomei Beach: Chat Hot Spring Resort

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Laomei Beach: Chat Hot Spring Resort

Located only 13km away from Laomei Beach, the Chat Hot Spring Resort is the perfect accommodation for those who are after those lazy mornings and long afternoons stretching out the muscles in the hot tub. Its grand interior décor and secluded location will make it feel like you’re in a place far, far away, when in actual fact, it’s quite easy to reach from Taipei.

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Laomei Beach: Chat Hot Spring Resort

This place is the ultimate relaxation resort, with its encouragement of quiet and serene behavior. You can relax by the massive pool during the day and at night when its lit up, otherwise, indulge in the many hot spa rooms during any time of the day.

The fresh mountain air will clear your mind and lighten your body, but of course, you can only really enjoy this once you’ve indulged in a wonderful meal, which you will surely experience at the on-site restaurant, which offers delectable Chinese cuisine and a daily breakfast (if requested).

Why Guests Love It: “Resort was clean, rooms airy, a good standard when room service was requested. Reception and dining room staff friendly and helpful.”, “Hot springs are beautiful!!!”, “The place is so relaxing!”, “The hot spring is very big and very clean, and it’s very comfortable to soak in. It is really convenient to have dinner on the first floor.”

Book It Now: Chat Hot Spring Resort

4. Kenting Beach

Taiwan Beaches #4 – Kenting Beach

Kenting Beach (within the Kenting National Park) is southern Taiwan’s premier beach destination. It might even be the entire country’s number one beach spot, with its distinct similarities to paradise beach destinations of the likes similar to the ones in South-East Asia. Think warm tropical weather for most part of the year, soft white sand, and stunning blue water

Kenting Beach is the place you’d go to if you’re not sure whether you’re down for a full day of surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving, or you’re just ready to sunbake on the sand all day. This beach offers the full spectrum of activities that can entertain anyone from families with young kids to couples seeking an adventure. 

Access: From Kaohsiung’s Zuoying Station, take the Kenting Express Bus from exit 3.

Recommended Resort at Kenting Beach – Chateau Beach Resort Kenting

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort at Kenting Beach – Chateau Beach Resort Kenting

Really, there’s no other resort quite as entertaining, convenient, and superb in quality as the Chateau Beach Resort Kenting. It’s a luxury beach accommodation that offers sweeping views of Dawan Beach, which is also located only 5-minutes away on foot.

Stay here if you’re expecting to be wowed by access to gorgeous sandy beaches, free Wi-Fi, an onsite outdoor pool, a luxury spa, a well-equipped fitness room that overlooks the beach, and plenty of onsite food options. It’s also got a well-received kids club, so young families, here, you’ve got it all!

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort at Kenting Beach – Chateau Beach Resort Kenting

Why Guests Love It: “Great location with direct access to the beach and within walking distance to night market and various restaurants. Good breakfast also with western corner.”, “Location is great for accessing Kenting night market. Rooms are spacious and clean.”, “Amazing great reception! Great bus pick up from closest train station! Loads of vouchers are given upon check in! The place is amazing 5 stars through!

Book It Now: Chateau Beach Resort Kenting

5. Jinshan (Chinshan) Beach

Taiwan Beaches #5 – Jinshan (Chinshan) Beach

If you’re a surfing enthusiast, you know that you’ve uncovered one of Taiwan’s best kept secrets in Jinshan Beach. It’s located less than an hour away from Taipei City, and it’s great because it’s never too crowded so you can grab your board and paddle out and know you’ll always be able to find your own space. On some days, the waves aren’t so great, but even by that standard, you’d be able to catch some good ones, and on the great days?

Well, let’s just say they’ll make you keep wanting to come back. The best times to surf Jinshan are definitely either in the morning or the evening. Be warned though, this is not (nor is it anywhere near) the prettiest beach in Taiwan, so don’t expect white sand and clear water.

Access: From Taipei Main Station, take a northbound train to Keelung. From there, you can take a Keelung Bus to Jinshan. Total time should be around 60-minutes. 

Recommended Resort at Jinshan Beach: The Loft Seaside Suites 

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jinshan Beach: The Loft Seaside Suites 

Located only 2km away from the gorgeous waves of Jinshan, the Loft Seaside Suites is the optimum accommodation choice for couples or small groups of friends who are after a relaxing getaway with all necessary amenities provided for. Depending on which accommodation choice you go for, you can even get a hot spa bath right in your room. Perfect for after those long days of exploring!

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jinshan Beach: The Loft Seaside Suites 

All rooms are air-conditioned, and offer free Wi-Fi, plenty of natural light (a big bonus for those who like to lay around in the sunshine), a flat-screen TV, and private bathroom. Free tea and coffee is also provided.

Why Guests Love It: “The room was super spacious, we loved the private onsen.”, “Hot spring bathtub right in the room as well! The price is great for such hot spring hotel!”, “Breakfast has good variety of foods for selection. Hotel is clean and tidy. Staff are friendly.”, “The bathroom and room feel very spacious. I loved the natural light in both bathroom and the room, because of the big windows. The room has a quiet, very private feel to it.” 

Book It Now: The Loft Seaside Suites 

6. Feicuiwan Beach (Green Bay Beach)

Taiwan Beaches #6 – Feicuiwan Beach (Green Bay Beach)

Also known as Wanli Beach, this destination is located only just over 30-minutes from Taipei, and consists of a long stretch of fine grainy white sand and splashing waves. It’s quite a popular beach, so there is some dedication in keeping the area clean.

For those who like to jump into the water, it’s your lucky day. Here, you can expect to experience a range of water situations depending on how Mother Nature feels that day. There are days when the water is as still as a statue, and other days where you’d be kicking yourself if you forgot your boogie board at home. 

It’s also a popular spot for water sports, especially jet-skiing, banana-boating, and even paragliding! Along the beach, you can find stands where you can pay for these activities. It’s a great location for families and groups of friends.

Access: The easiest way to get to Feicuiwan Beach is to take a taxi from Keelung station. This should take only 25-minutes.

Recommended Resort at Feicuiwan Beach: Pacific Hot Spring Hotel

This hot spring hotel is everything you could want in a resort near the beach. It’s got a fitness centre, a wellness centre with a spa, air-conditioning across all rooms, 24-hour front desk, and breakfast buffet.

Best of all, it’s a hot spring bath that’s built in the most gorgeous setting – stone flooring, wooden walls, massive window that allows you to see the outside, and some simple plants to really set the zen tone.

There’s a sauna and a steam room, and just about every type of outdoor pool available for those who just want to dip in the pool and dry off by the poolside after a massive buffet breakfast. It’s also located only 0.3km from the beach!

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Feicuiwan Beach: Pacific Hot Spring Hotel

Why Guests Love It: “The beds were good and the beddings were clean. The breakfast was good too!”, “Very pleasant trip, the place is better than expected, the whole place is very clean and comfortable, and if I had the opportunity I would come back.”, “Excellent service, super enthusiastic, warm feeling, great breakfast.”

Book It Now: Pacific Hot Spring Hotel, Green Bay

7. Jici Beach 

Taiwan Beaches #7 – Jici Beach

Want to know a secret about Jici Beach? It’s one of only two beaches that are swimmable between Hualien and Taitung, so if you’re traveling between the two, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this lovely strip of soft white sand and stunning water.

Here, the conditions are quite optimal for just sunbaking, going for a quick dip, or even surfing! But if you’re after the latter, then remember to rent at either Hualien or Taitung before you head there.

Head here in winter and you’ll find a 3km strip of black sand, but in summer, you’re in for a treat. The beach is washed in a gorgeous golden colour that just begs for a dedication on your social media. There’s enough visitors here for lifeguards to be present, and there’s even a camping ground. 

Access: The easiest way to get to Jici is by taking a taxi from Hualien Station, which should only take 25-minutes.

Recommended Resort at Jici Beach: Noosa Coast B&B

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jici Beach: Noosa Coast B&B

Situated just 1.7km away from Jici Beach is the Noosa Coast B&B, a lovely surf-inspired accommodation area that boasts a stunning sun terrace, gorgeous views of the sea, free private parking, and onsite food options so you don’t even need to leave – you’ll have everything you need right there.

All rooms feature sea views that will leave you speechless the moment you lay your eyes on them, and come with a flat-screen TV, private bathroom with a bath, and free Wi-Fi. The best feature of this place is definitely the gorgeous high ceilings with glass windows that will simply mesmerize you with its views.

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jici Beach: Noosa Coast B&B

Why Guests Love It: “This was a stellar place. Incredibly located with virtually a private beach. Attention to detail is visible in all elements (welcome, breakfast, rooms, and design). I’ll come back one day!”, “Very nice room, incredible outlook from our room, super friendly hosts, best coffee in Taiwan for breakfast!”. 

Book It Now: Noosa Coast B&B 

For more hotel recommendations, you can also check out this post: Where to Stay in Taiwan.

8. Anping Beach (Chiao Tou Beach Park)

Taiwan Beaches #8 – Anping Beach (Chiao Tou Beach Park)

This particular beach spot is quite popular not only for regular beach-goers but for anyone – from individuals who enjoy people watching to small families who don’t want to swim but just want to enjoy the sand. It’s worth noting that this beach, whilst it isn’t the cleanest beach across Taiwan (and this is particularly evident during typhoon season), it’s definitely got areas that are swimmable and appeal to the public. 

During the summer months, the heat around here can be quite unbearable, and the sun is particularly scorching, so we strongly urge you to bring protection in the form of sunscreen, sunglasses, and even long-sleeve tops if you burn easily.

The best thing about Anping Beach as picked by past visitors is definitely the sunset, so if you’re the type to appreciate stunning natural imagery, make sure you plan for this!

Access: From Anping Station, take the Bus 99 all the way to the south side of Sichao Bridge and alight there.

Recommended Resort at Anping Beach: Flora Inn 

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Anping Beach: Flora Inn 

One of the top picks in all of Anping, the Flora Inn brings the comfort of your home away from home like never before. Natural light and wooden décor dominate this place, making it feel welcoming in all aspects. The rooms are large and spacious, and the common areas invite you to sit around and exchange stories with the traveler next to you.

Here, you can expect free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen catering to your needs across all the rooms. There’s also a private bathroom joined in all rooms. It’s within distance to many other attractions in Anping, so you can hit two, three, four, even five birds with one stone by staying here. 

Why Guests Love It: “The staff was amazing and they were super welcoming and friendly. It really eased our entry into Tainan. They also have us a comprehensive list of places to go and food recommendations. Service 10/10.”, “Big, spacious room, very clean. Very modern building and interior. The personnel were super friendly and helpful answering all our questions for the remainder of the trip.” 

Book It Now: Flora Inn

9. Jibei Island Beach  

Taiwan Beaches #9 – Jibei Island Beach

Located on the remote western islands of Taiwan, Jibei Island Beach is probably Taiwan’s best kept beach secret. Offering stunning blue waters with gentle waves and white sand, it’s a place that can be enjoyed by anyone – from young, small families, to large groups of friends, to couples of all ages.

The island itself is quite small, so the beach is where you’ll see most of the tourists participating in a plethora of water-based activities including diving, snorkeling, and simply swimming. 

Whilst it’s not the most centrally located beach to get to, this does wonders in its favour, as it’s most likely always empty during the day. You’ll feel like you just stepped onto your own private beach! The soft sand and azure blue waters are reminiscent of Hawaii or even Okinawa. 

Access: Take a ferry from the North Sea Tourist Centre which is on Baisha Island. The boat operators normally provide package deals that include boat fare, use of water sports facilities, and access to other water activities on and around the island. 

Recommended Resort at Jibei Island Beach: Villa Iris

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jibei Island Beach- Villa Iris 2

Whilst there are no accommodation options on Jibei Island itself, you can definitely access it via a ferry from the terminal on the mainland. It’s a bit out of the way, so this is definitely an option for those who REALLY want to get off the beaten path and explore something where it’ll mostly like be you and a handful of other tourists for the entire day.  

As always, this beach resort is stunning across all aspects. Nab yourself a sea view room and you won’t regret it – as the sun sets in stunning colours through your ceiling-to-floor glass window, and you can see the waves gently pulsing in the ocean, you’ll likely remember that moment forever. Guests here can also enjoy an Asian-style breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and a flat screen TV. 

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Jibei Island Beach- Villa Iris 2

Why Guests Love It: “The breakfast selection is very delicious. The homestay has a passionate boss who will be there for you to make people feel as home. If you love to chat and like to integrate into the local life, and want a high quality hotel, I highly recommend this place.”

Book It Now: Villa Iris

10. Honeymoon Bay 

Taiwan Beaches #10 – Honeymoon Bay 

This romantic-sounding bay is, ironically, known for its great conditions for surfing, with waves reaching up to 3m during the typhoon season. It’s located on Taiwan’s northeast coast region, and it’s one of the smallest beaches on this list.

Once you arrive, you can easily rent a surfboard at the shop nearby, and there are small food stores and cafes selling food and drinks for when you’re famished at lunch after riding some epic waves. 

It’s been a popular destination for local music festivals in recent years, and if you want another perspective, head to the nearby Mingshan Temple and climb to the top of the 441-Yingshi Peak, where you’ll be able to take in gorgeous sweeping views of the ocean.  

Access: From Taipei, take the Tze Chiang Taroko train to Yilan (this should only take 70-minutes, otherwise, the local non-express trains should take 2 hours 20-minutes). From Yilan Station, head south, and Honeymoon Bay should be a 10-minute walk away.

Recommended Resort at Honeymoon Bay: Play Hotel

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Honeymoon Bay- Play Hotel 1

This gorgeous model hotel is like something out of a movie. Gorgeous tall glass windows dominate its outer display, whereas inside is filled with tasteful ornaments, stunning furnishings, and an overall luxe vibe.

Try and book the seaside rooms, because they are simply gorgeous. Wide open spaces filled with just the right amount of furniture and large windows and overlook the ocean – it can’t get much better than that, can it? Well, if you book the room with a spa, most likely they’ll be situated right next to the glass window so you can rest and relax and fall asleep to the mesmerizing waves.

On top of that, the shared common areas of this place are just so snazzy. There’s a kitchen area with glass windows overlooking the ocean, so you can cook with a view. 

Taiwan Beaches - Recommended Resort for Honeymoon Bay- Play Hotel 2

Why Guests Love It: “The entire home speaks designer from furniture to paintings. The decot is very posh yet homey. The two ladies taking care of guests are just superb in terms of being attentive to our needs. The room is lovely done up in white. It’s perfect for couples.”, “Unobstructed sea view, comfortable service, recommended!”.

Book It Now: Play Hotel

You may not think of the beach first when you think of Taiwan, but after reading this list, how can you not at least try to visit one? Some might resemble something you’ll find at home, but all sunrises and sunsets are different and unique in their own right, so head to one, capture its beauty, and tick ‘watching the sun on the stunning Taiwan’ off your bucket list. 

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