9 Cheap & Cool Hostels You Should Book In Taipei In 2024

Taipei Hostel #5 – Homey Hostel (Main Station)

The wonderful country of Taiwan offers some of the greatest food adventures you’ll ever experience, the most beautiful mountain landscapes you’ll ever witness, and the most unique art pieces and against-the-norm creative installations you’ll ever come across. With all that and plenty more to boast about, you’d be forgiven to imagine that the prices of accommodation within the country’s major hotspots, particularly Taipei, the country’s capital and undoubtedly the most popular destination in Taiwan for visitors right now, is astronomical. 

However, this could not be further from the truth! Whilst Taipei is no doubt a never-ending maze of the latest and greatest shops, new and longstanding restaurants, unique museums, limitless night markets, unique cafes, and so much more, one of its most charming features is its incredible affordability for travellers on any sort of budget. More notably, for those who are trying to make every dollar stretch, it doesn’t mean you need to skimp out on quality accommodation, especially not in Taipei. 

We’ve scoured the internet for the best quality yet still affordable Taipei hostels so that you can travel with peace of mind that you’ve got the best bang for your buck.

1. Star Hostel

Taipei Hostel #1 – Star Hostel 

Clearly the star of this list due to its price, atmosphere, and overall value for money, Star Hostel should be number one on your list if you’re after a clean, modern, relaxed accommodation in the middle of the city without burning a hole in your wallet.

Travellers who stay here will appreciate the fantastic brewed coffee and gorgeous breakfast spread, and the green room is just an incredibly unexpected but wholly welcomed benefit of staying here – floor to ceiling glass walls letting in maximum natural light, with Japan-style furniture décor and leafy greens surrounding the area complete with bean bags and wooden flooring, it’s the ultimate place to rest your feet up after a long day of exploring.

All rooms entail minimalistic designs, with white and wood playing a huge role in creating an overall clean and comfortable ambience. Social activities are organized by staff regularly, but don’t worry, intense partying isn’t part of the culture here. 

Taipei Hostel #1 – Star Hostel 

Why Guests Love It: “The BEST hostel I’ve ever stayed in Taiwan so far! It’s located right next to the Taipei Main Station – you would expect it to look dingy but it ain’t! Upon check-in, I almost thought that I’ve walked into a really nice 3-star hotel. It’s brightly lit, cozy, and the space is huge for backpackers to hang.”, “The atmosphere of the place was great – it simply had everything you needed and more. In addition to the great facilities were helpful staff, ads for free walking tours, a kitchen that helped you be responsible, etc.”, “The breakfast is awesome, the private room where I stayed is really clean, simple but cool!”. 

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2. Meander Hostel

Taipei Hostel #2 – Meander Hostel

Habitually taking the spotlight on lists of best hostels as voted by the people, Meander Hostel is no stranger to the budget accommodation scene in Taipei. With it being located only 10-minutes from Ximen Station, offering free Wi-Fi access throughout, being a 3-minute walk to Ximending, and a 5-minute drive to Taipei Main Station, you’re probably wondering how it can be so centrally located yet so affordable.

It’s no secret that is an absolute gem for backpackers and travellers on a budget, and the crowd you’ll meet there is always going to be down to play games and drink in the common area, and party it up at night.

The rooms, however, are always maintained to a high level of standard, and the open-plan public areas, such as the kitchen, dining, and common areas, encourage interaction between everyone living there.

Taipei Hostel #2 – Meander Hostel

Why Guests Love It: “The location is great, a 10-min walk from Ximen Station. The staff is super helpful. The common room is amazing to meet other travellers. Everything was super clean.”, “Best youth hostel I’ve ever been to! So clean, design, and well-located. I could come back at night on my own without any problem. The team is so helpful and speak perfect English.”, “The place is very clean and also has a great view. You can enjoy sunrise and sunset through your balcony.” 

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3. Flip Flop Hostel (Garden)

Taipei Hostel #3 – Flip Flop Hostel (Garden)

Want the fun, summer vibes without the hectic party crowd? Flip Flop Hostel Garden might just be your answer. Just keep in mind, there are actually three Flip Flop locations, with the other two being Flip Flop Main Station and Flip Flop Jiufen.

However, Flip Flop Garden has had an astronomical number of people visiting with positive experiences all around. The common room is extremely inviting and it’s a place you can always count on to share a beer with a stranger.

It’s close enough to the party district so that you can head out and back without having to worry about logistics.With free Wi-Fi throughout, gorgeous white architecture and wooden décor throughout, friendly service, and minimal, modern design, you’re never going to want to leave.

Taipei Hostel #3 – Flip Flop Hostel (Garden)

Why Guests Love It: “Great stay! Artistic interior, very comfortable and clean. What is best though is the staff. Always a pleasure to deal with and very enthusiastic about their jobs. Great customer service!”, “Location, location, location! Just a second from the main station of Taipei. The team was so helpful and suggested excellent options of travels and locations to visit.”, “I really love the breakfast they cooked. It’s so delicious and also Instagram-able. The room design is so minimalist and I really love it.” 

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4. Formosa 101

Taipei Hostel #4 – Formosa 101 

Formosa 101 may just be the one to has it all. Offering bunk-bed dormitory style rooms as well as double/triple/family rooms at some of the cheapest prices you’ll find in Taipei, this might be the place you should start looking first if it’s an affordable, convenient, clean, and relaxed accommodation you’re after.

It’s especially great for solo traveler due to the extremely low cost and large, comfortable common areas that make it very easy to meet other travellers in an easy environment. The staff here are commendable for their expert knowledge of the latest and greatest hotspots in Taipei, so don’t hesitate to ask for some advice if you’re looking for the next party/hangout spot.

Taipei Hostel #4 – Formosa 101 

Why Guests Love It: “The staff were all friendly, and atmosphere of the hostel was very chilled. The location is absolutely perfect for people who want to visit the Tonghua night market.”, “I liked the coziness of the hostel, the profile of the other guests, the simplicity of the breakfast, the ability of the staff to speak and understand English and also the location because it’s near everything.”, “Wall is thick enough to reduce outside noises, clean toilet, and water is warm and strong enough.” 

Book It Now: Formosa 101

5. Homey Hostel (Main Station)

Taipei Hostel #5 – Homey Hostel (Main Station)

Homey Hostel, true to its name, is one of the most relaxed and comfortable hostels you can come across in Taipei. It’s quite jarring with the hectic party and drinking scene of the city itself, but that just means it’s the perfect respite for after those long days of trekking the city and long nights of dancing.

The chic colourful rooms will instill a sense of hominess the moment you lay your eyes on them, and the friendly staff are always on hand to assist you with things like organizing tickets and transport.

They also like to put on events and outings on a regular basis so if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do, or just want to experience the knowledge of a local, then feel free to put your name down!

Taipei Hostel #5 – Homey Hostel (Main Station)

Why Guests Love It: “Cozy place with very nice and helpful staff. Lots of activities are offered such as dancing classes, live music band, city tours…the hostel is very clean and comfortable beds. The common room is awesome. Very good breakfast is provided for free. 15-minutes walk from Taipei Main Station.”, “The coziness of this place…it feels like home and you are able to meet new friends because of the ambience and the common area.”

Book It Now: Homey Hostel (Main Station) 

6. NK Hostel

Taipei Hostel #6 – NK Hostel

If you’re after a bit of style, NK Hostel offers a hipster alternative to the usual minimalistic approach to hostel interiors. Those who can appreciate pops of colour, a splash of pizzazz, a common room where you can have a nap and a games room where you can spend all afternoon, don’t skimp out on a room at NK.

Not only does it offer a great experience indoors, but it’s also located right next to the famous Raohe Street Night Market, one of the hottest night markets in Taipei. 

Taipei Hostel #6 – NK Hostel

Why Guests Love It: “This is the fanciest hostel ever. 5-stars. The rooms are very comfortable with little capsule-style beds with a lamp and side table and lockers. The included breakfast was fantastic with a range of things, changing every day and good vegetarian options. Everything needed was provided such as towels and slippers. The showers and bathrooms were very clean as well.”, “The interior design was modern, stylish, spacious and well thought of. Comfortable and clean bed, blanket was thick enough for the cold weather, individual and speedy Wi-Fi for each room.”

Book It Now: NK Hostel

7. Next Taipei Hostel (Main Station)

Taipei Hostel #7 – Next Taipei Hostel (Main Station) 

Next Taipei Hostel offers a clean and affordable accommodation for budget travellers who like to live in style. The gorgeous foyer is someone reminiscent of club entrance with colourful lights and leather lounges, but inside, you’ll find it to be clean, modern, simply but tastefully decorated, with all necessary amenities provided – even a coffee machine!

This hostel a great choice for those who want to do extensive sightseeing; the Zhongzheng District is a great choice for friendly locals, street food, and exploring culture. It’s close to heavyweights such as the Presidential Office Building and the Ximending Shopping Centre.

Taipei Hostel #7 – Next Taipei Hostel (Main Station) 

Why Guests Love It: “Excellent location. The staff are kind, very helpful, efficient, professional. Free breakfast, free laundry. Warm atmosphere!”, “The location nearby train station, bus station, shopping area, restaurants, Ximending. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Free buffet breakfast with a lot of vegetables. Free laundry. Beautiful entry lobby. Free luggage storage. Free bread and drinks, always.”

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8. Dongmen Capsule Inn 

Taipei Hostel #8 – Dongmen Capsule Inn 

Think sleeping capsules, but sleek, modern, minimalistic, new – you’ve pretty much got yourself the Dongmen Capsule Inn accommodation. The ultimate selling point of this place is the sleeping arrangements – all pods are completely not what you would expect from a sleeping capsule.

They’re gorgeous, maintained at a super high level, and spacious to the point where you’d actually question how you’re paying such a price for such a comfortable place. There’s a shared lounge where you can relax after a long day of exploring, free Wi-Fi to always stay connected, and it’s also located near numerous famous eateries, so you’re never really out of options.

Taipei Hostel #8 – Dongmen Capsule Inn

Why Guests Love It: “I loved the last bunk with the window as the natural lighting made all the difference, however, there are only 2 such beds in the room! Lovely café on the ground floor as well with great coffee. Location was amazing as the metro station exit was literally just outside across a small lane and a Family Mart just downstairs.”, “Very clean, big private beds and locker. Right next to the Dongmen Station.”, “Clean toilet, nice staff, comfortable bed and great location! Highly recommend for someone who is first travel around Taipei!”.

Book It Now: Dongmen Capsule Inn

9. Space Inn Hengyang Branch

Taipei Hostel #9 – Space Inn Hengyang Branch

The futuristic theme at this place is what really sets it apart from other places – you enter into a predominantly black-walled building with white pod chairs, long leather lounges in artful colors, galactic wall decors, and neon lights – and that’s just the common areas. The dorm rooms are sleek and clean, almost to a sterile level.

The bathrooms are equipped with all necessary amenities, and there’s a business centre plus free Wi-Fi throughout if you ever need to get connected. It’s also only 5-minutes away from Ximen MRT Station, making it easy to access all parts of Taipei.

Taipei Hostel #9 – Space Inn Hengyang Branch

Why Guests Love It: “The nicest hostel I have ever stayed in! I love the space theme. The lounge area is the perfect chill out space, and you have kitchen and laundry facilities. The toilets were extremely clean, and plenty of them! The location is absolutely perfect! Right in the centre, near the night markets, shops, restaurants, train stations, bus stations. Comfortable beds, and food Wi-Fi. A perfect stay in Taipei. Highly recommended!”.

Book It Now: Space Inn Hengyang Branch 

These are some of the funkiest and most entertaining hostels in Taipei, although if you were to ask us again, this list would probably change.

The increasingly high number of budget travellers and backpackers passing through Taiwan has created such a high demand on affordable yet comfortable accommodation that new and upcoming hostels will always strive to be better than the last, and old ones are always revamping to become the new best thing.

We hope we’ve shed enough light on some of the best cheap hostels you can stay at in Taipei, but even if they’re all booked out, don’t worry, there’s plenty more where they came from.

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