The 7 Best Ryokans In Miyajima You Should Try In 2024

Miyajima Ryokan - Iwaso 3

The island of Miyajima, also known as Itsukushima, is a truly magnificent sacred island located near the city of Hiroshima. The main attraction of the island is of course its great floating torii gate, which appears to be floating in the water at high tide and is about 16 meters high.

Miyajima Ryokan - O-torii
Miyajima Japan – The O-torii at low tide

Miyajima is also a haven of peace shared in harmony by nature and quiet Japanese temples, in a truly peaceful atmosphere. To enjoy this relaxing environment even more, what could be better than spending the night at one of the island’s ryokan?

Here’s a list of the 7 best ryokan you can try in Miyajima, and let me tell you, you’re going to be blown away!

1. Iwaso

Miyajima Ryokan - Iwaso 4

Let’s start off with Iwaso, which is a 5-minute walk from the Miyajima Ferry Terminal which should be your access point to the island. It is located right in the park where wild deer come and go (just like in Nara) so don’t be surprised if you spot one near your room!

Miyajima Ryokan - Iwaso 3

As you can see, the setting is really beautiful so how about this for a change of scenery ? Iwaso also offers superb onsen (hot spring baths) which are ideal to relax after a long day of hiking on Miyajima Island.

Miyajima Ryokan - Iwaso 1

In the mood for some karaoke? You can also sing your heart out at Iwaso! What more do you need?

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2. Kurayado Iroha

Miyajima Ryokan - Kurayado Iroha 4

The Kurayado Iroha illustrates the refined and minimalist style of Japanese ryokan with very little decoration yet with asserted aestheticism. This ryokan is also close to the Itsukushima Shrine which is opposite the island’s great torii. So you’ll have a superb view of that and will be able to see it floating at high tide from the comfort of your room.

Miyajima Ryokan - Kurayado Iroha 1

The Kurayado Iroha has another significant advantage, it offers outdoor onsen where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of all Miyajima Bay. The whole setting is unbelievably perfect!

Miyajima Ryokan - Kurayado Iroha 3

And for those of you who don’t like to sleep on futons and tatami mats, the ryokan offers rooms with Japanese style decor and western-style beds.

Miyajima Ryokan - Kurayado Iroha 2

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3. Jukeiso

Miyajima Ryokan - Jukeiso 1

The Jukeiso is located uphill, overlooking Itsukushima Shrine. You will be able to admire the famous red torii from the comfort of your hot bath as well as the Gojunoto, the five-storied pagoda, which can be seen on the right. Isn’t this a breathtaking view?

Miyajima Ryokan - Jukeiso 5

You will also be served a rich and hearty Japanese breakfast at the Jukeiso. Some people can’t eat raw fish first thing in the morning but I personally find it rather tasty, not to mention that it’s apparently good for you.

Miyajima Ryokan - Jukeiso 3

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4. Miyajima Seaside

Miyajima Ryokan - Miyajima Seaside Hotel 1

Miyajima Seaside is located east of the Miyajima island and is, as the name suggests, barely a minute-walk from the beach. It’s not too close the island’s tourist area and is therefore a very calm and serene setting.

It offers a beautiful and relaxing view, so much so that it looks like a picture hanging on the wall rather than a view from a window.

The Miyajima Seaside also has excellent onsen overlooking the park next to the ryokan. You really dive into nature as you get inside the bath.

Miyajima Ryokan - Miyajima Seaside Hotel 2

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5. Oyado Tsukiusagi

Miyajima Ryokan - Oyado Tsukiusagi

Oyado Tsukiusagi is a tad less luxurious than the ryokan I just reviewed but the comfort it offers is worth every penny you’ll pay. It will cost you about 60 to 70 dollars a night per person so if you’re on a budget, it should be good news for you!

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6. Miyajima Morinoyado

Miyajima Morinoyado

Prior to its 2014 renovation, Miyajima Morinoyado was already enormously popular amongst guests for its location, comfort, and views.

Miyajima Morinoyado

However, there’s a reason why it’s shot up to becoming one of Miyajima’s champion ryokan accommodations. Huge and expansive guest rooms make simple living exceptionally comfortable. The option to select Japanese or western bedding will have some people breathing sighs of relief. Friendly and welcoming staff will make your stay instantly memorable.

Miyajima Morinoyado

There’s an onsite restaurant called Omoto that serves exquisite kaiseki cuisine (you must book if your room rate does not include a meal), and a spacious onsen bath can be enjoyed by all guests at any time.

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7. Ryoso Kawaguchi

Ryoso Kawaguchi

Want uninterrupted views of the stunning five-story pagoda of Itsukushima Shrine? Look no further than Ryoso Kawaguchi Ryokan, a spectacular accommodation that was listed as one of the top 25 B&Bs and Inns in Japan by TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards in 2013! Considering the number of accommodations across Japan, this is no small feat!

Ryoso Kawaguchi makes a name for itself through its conservation of authentic Japanese-style structure and decor. Stepping into this Ryokan is like stepping backward in time. From the tatami flooring to the shoji wallpaper sliding doors, you’re in for the full experience.

Ryoso Kawaguchi

It also boasts delicious kaiseki meals and a breathtaking private onsen bath on site.

Its best feature, though, would be the panoramic view you get of the island, and the pagoda, from the common area. Seats line up along the window for you to relax and gaze out at the million-dollar view. It’s quite the experience!

Guests Tips: The location is fantastic for those looking to wander and explore, as it’s close to Miyajima port as well as the local eateries and shops. There is a Mini-Mart right next door! Remember to make a booking for the onsen bath, as it could get booked out during your stay.

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We’re done with this top 7 of the best ryokan in Miyajima! I am sure that you already feel relaxed just reading this blog post and looking at those pictures. Can you imagine how relaxing it would be to spend a night in one of those ryokan? By the way, be sure to book early, the best ryokan are usually booked first.

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