Best Hostels in Hong Kong – 7 Cheap Accommodations for Budget Travellers

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Best Hostels in Hong Kong – Hong Kong is home to some of the most amazing cuisine and consumer products that can be found in the world. It’s well known that they have some of the largest shopping malls and highest rated restaurants, not to mention plenty of historic and popular sites that tourists flock to every year. There’s traditional Chinese culture everywhere you look, even if it’s mixed in with modern features or the influences of other countries. With such a plethora of activities, eateries, and landmarks, it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ll be spending – that is, until you realize your funds will run out before the fun does.

Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to stretch your Hong Kong dollar is by reserving a room at a hostel instead of a hotel or resort! By forgoing expensive (and sometimes overpriced) accommodations, you’ll have more cash to spend on seeing the sights and eating to your heart’s delight! Below are the 7 best hostels to choose from in Hong Kong that are sure to give guests the best night’s sleep for a low price. If you’re like many other travelers and value seeing more of a foreign land than having so many amenities in your hotel that you almost don’t want to step foot outside, then read on to find your perfect hostel for your next trip to Hong Kong!

Best Hostels in Hong Kong #1 – Alohas Hostel 

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Only 5 minutes away from the Temple Street Night Market by foot, this contemporary hostel is one fo the best places for travelers to rest their weary heads after a long day scouring the nearby markets and shops for great deals! Not only do the rooms have comfortable beddings, they also have air-conditioning, an en suit bathroom with tub and shower (if selected during reservation), a flat-screen TV, and internet access! The hostel offers express check-in and check-out and guests can even book tours and tickets at the reception! Live sports events are broadcast at the hostel, so you won’t have to miss a single game if you don’t want to!

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Why Guests Love It: Guests are overjoyed with the level of friendly and helpful service provided by the staff. The location of the hostel couldn’t be better, as it’s near some of the best landmarks Hong Kong has to offer, and Victoria Harbor and The Peak are just a short bike ride away! Guests are free to pick up a guide to the city at check-in, or they can ask the informative staff where to head off to or what to do first! No matter how small, every detail is painstakingly taken care of at Alohas Hotel!

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Best Hostels in Hong Kong #2 – Manila Lounge 

Manila Lounge Hostel Hong Kong

Less than a kilometer from the Victoria Harbor sits Manila Lounge, a hostel with the heart of a hotel! Rooms are simple, yet elegant, each with a private bathroom and air-conditioning. As it’s right next to the Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier, getting around Hong Kong and the surrounding areas is a breeze! Some rooms even feature a view of the city, though every room is comfortable and clean. The hostel offers airport shuttles, a 24-hour reception desk, and daily maid service. The simple, yet effective approach to accommodations is great for those who don’t expect to stay in their rooms for most of the day!

Manila Lounge Hostel Hong Kong

Why Guests Love It: Guest find the location of this hostel to be its biggest perk, though the attentive and friendly staff come in a close second. The beds are large and comfortable, and no one has yet to be upset with the incredible pricing! Surprisingly enough, guests are also overjoyed with how fast the internet is at the property, which allows them to upload all the photos they’ve taken throughout the day to their social media accounts in record time! Guest don’t mind the minimalist approach to this hostel, as they find spending time outside their rooms to be far more enjoyable than sitting around watching TV during their trip!

For a great time in a perfect location, reserve your room at the Manila Lounge here.

Best Hostels in Hong Kong #3 – Budget Hostel 

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As it’s name implies, this hostel is a bare-bones accommodation that doesn’t hide the fact that it’s just a place to rest your head and store your stuff. All rooms include a shared bathroom and air-conditioning, and luggage storage is provided at no extra cost. This hostel is adult only and is ridiculously close to Hang Lung Center, Island Beverly Center, Fashion Walk, SOGO Hong Kong, and MTR Causeway Bay Station. There’s also quite a large choice of nearby restaurants and shops for guests to choose from!

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Why Guests Love It: Those that stay at the Budget Hotel know what they’re getting themselves into – and love every minute of it! The price for a place to sleep is hard to beat anywhere in Hong Kong, and security is a top priority on the property. The beds are kept clean and tidy, and the front desk is always willing to help guests with any questions or concerns. Whether it’s hot or cold, the rooms are kept at a comfortable temperature that holds well throughout the night! All in all, the Budget Hostel is a great save for those who don’t need all the extra fluff and stuff of a hotel!

Saving money has never been so easy by reserving your room at the Budget Hostel here.

Cheap Place in HK #4 – Ashoka Hostel 

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Basic rooms at the Ashoka Hostel are equipped with a flat-screen TV, large bed (or two), air-conditioning, and in some cases a gorgeous view of the city. Right next to MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, iSquare, SOGO Tsim Sha Tsui, K11 Shopping Mall, and Signal Hill Garden, it’s no wonder travelers are eager to choose this hostel when staying in the Tsim Sha Tsui area! Signal Hill and Victoria Harbor are less than a kilometer away, meaning that guests can also see natural beauty alongside the cityscape all on the same day if they wish!

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Why Guests Love It: Guests keep coming back to Ashoka Hostel every time they visit Hong Kong for the simple fact that the property never disappoints! The rooms are always extremely tidy, the staff are gracious and welcoming, and the location is to die for! As with most of the hostels, since guests aren’t looking to have all the extras that come with a hotel, location really is key to finding a good place to stay. Thankfully, Ashoka Hostel hits that one right out of the park!

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Best Hostels in Hong Kong #5 – Rainbow Lodge 

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Choosing to stick with the rainbow theme, you’ll find every color imaginable in this colorful and bright hostel! Every room features a TV, air-conditioning, and even a computer! The communal dining area features a refrigerator and electric kettle, and there’s also a shared lounge and games room in addition to the shared bathroom that has free toiletries. The accommodating staff speak English and Chinese, so you can be sure that you’ll be well understood when you arrive! This fun and inviting hostel is only a short walk away from Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Center, iSquare, Sandbox VR, MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Station, and the K11 Shopping Mall. 

Rainbow Lodge HK Hostel Hong Kong 1

Why Guests Love It: One of the most enjoyed features of this hostel is the well-decorated common area where new friendships can form naturally. Rainbow Lodge is also commonly referred to by guests as the “perfect base” due to its super convenient location and clean facilities. It’s always great having such a tasteful and tidy place to come back to after a long day of traveling and sightseeing, which Rainbow Lodge fully delivers on! Overall, those who stay at this friendly and colorful hostel are satisfied with how good a value the place is for their money!

Making friends and meeting new people at the Rainbow Lodge is almost as easy as booking your room.

Cheap Place in HK #6 – Urban Pack 

Urban Pack Hostel Hong Kong

Don’t be surprised if you briefly forget what country you’re in during your stay at Urban Pack – the decorations will have you wondering if you’ve been transported to Europe or North America! Playing on the “urban” stylings of other countries, this posh hostel is a fun place to rest and relax after a long day of immersion in Chinese culture and traditions. The dormitories are air-conditioned and equipped with a TV, fridge, and telephone. Shared bathroom and show facilities feature a hairdryer and toiletries. Free coffee and tea can be had daily throughout any of the 5 shared common areas, one of which has a large screen TV with Netflix and coffee table!

Urban Pack Hostel Hong Kong

Why Guests Love It: Urban Pack is not your average hostel – guests feel like they’ve been transported to a U.K. University setting during their stay! The atmosphere is relaxed and safe, and guests have more than enough privacy despite the shared areas. Beds are comfy, staff are great, and the WiFi is strong and fast. Regardless of whether or not you want to socialize with other travelers, this stylish and cool hostel provides enough space for guests to either relax on their own or enjoy the company of fellow traveling enthusiasts!

If you want to feel like you’re traveling to multiple countries during your single trip, book a room at Urban Pack here.

Best Hostels in Hong Kong #7 – Yesinn Causeway Bay 

Yesinn Causeway Bay Hostel Hong Kong 2

It’s simple, it’s modern, it’s natural, and it’s Yesinn Causeway Bay hostel! Situated only 2-minutes away by foot form the Causeway Bay MTR Station, this hostel features a rooftop garden, air-conditioning, free WiFi, fun and modern decor, and stylish furnishing and decorations. Bright and vibrant colored walls greet the guests as they enter their rooms, which have personal reading lights and lockers for guests convenience. If the weather’s right and guests are up to it, there are even barbecue facilities available on the rooftop! Enjoy a meal with new friends while looking out over the city at Yesinn Causeway Bay!

Yesinn Causeway Bay Hostel Hong Kong 2

Why Guests Love It: Truly located in the center of the city, guests love how conveniently located the hostel is to just about everything that there is to see in the Causeway Bay area! With such great transportation available, it’s not hard to branch out to other locations in Hong Kong during the day and be back in time for super! The common rooms are almost always packed with adventurous travelers, so you’ll always meet someone new every time you return for the night! Overall, the location, wonderful staff, and clean facilities make this hostel one of the most sought after properties to book throughout the year! 

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You don’t have to spend your life savings on a place to stay during your trip to Hong Kong to have an enriching and wonderful experience. It’s nice to splurge every now and again and enjoy the finer things in life, but Hong Kong already has so much to offer travelers that travel funds can best be spent on more important things, like souvenirs, local cuisine, tour packages, and tickets to shows! Those that choose the path of hostels over hotels can rejoice in the fact that every cent they save on lodging is another cent that lets them see more of the beauty of Hong Kong! 

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