Langkawi Malaysia – The Ultimate Travel Guide You Need To Read

Langkawi Malaysia – The Ultimate Travel Guide You Need To Read

Langkawi Malaysia – The beach destination of Langkawi is possibly the most beautiful archipelago in all of Asia. Officially known as Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi offers the ultimate tropical island destination for sun seekers who want a side of adventure to accompany their long days lazing in the sun, enjoying the crystal clear waters and white-sand beaches. Despite all this, Langkawi doesn’t pull in the number of foreigner tourists that you would expect for a place so untouched and naturally beautiful, which means sometimes you might be sunbaking on a relaxing beach with not another soul for miles. The food on the island is authentically Malaysian, but the selection is narrower than its urban counterparts. 

Langkawi Malaysia – The Ultimate Travel Guide You Need To Read 1

As a place that promotes eco-tourism and a safe traveling environment, you can be sure that the loud, pumping music, raucous crowds, and streets lined with beer bottles and spilt alcohol associated with many south-east Asian countries are all left behind. Instead, wake up to the sound of the ocean waves crashing, open up your hotel window to stretches of luscious green forests, and spend your days exploring the various untouched islands that make up beautiful Langkawi. 

How To Get To Langkawi, Malaysia

Travel Plane Flight Fly
Langkawi Malaysia – How to get there?

Whilst Langkawi may seem rather isolated from the coast of Malaysia, there are flights there that operate regularly from the main travel hubs, such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Internationally, Langkawi can be directly accessed from countries such as Singapore, Phuket, South Korea, Australia, China, and Japan. Some of the major airlines that connect to Langkawi include Malaysia Airline, Air Asia, and Silk Air. 

If you are flying domestically, flights can start from as little as 88 MYR ($22USD) from Penang to Langkawi via AirAsia. If you are flying internationally, from a neighbouring country like Singapore, it would cost roughly 209 MYR ($52USD) to fly there with AirAsia.

If you would like to travel via ferry, there are regular ferry services from Kuala Kedah (90-minutes), Kuala Perlis (75-minutes), and Penang (165-minutes). Prices for tickets start from 18 MYR for adults, and 13 MYR for children. To find out more about scheduling times, exact costs and operating routes, click here.

On the island itself, there are plenty of taxis that can be flagged down for transport, otherwise you can easily rent a scooter, a motorbike, or a car to explore. 

Where To Stay In Langkawi, Malaysia

Cloud 9 Guest House

Langkawi Malaysia - Cloud 9 Guesthouse

Many quality features of this guesthouse make it stand out from the crowd in Langkawi Malaysia. At Cloud 9 Guest House, all spacious rooms have air-conditioning, a desk, and a flat-screen TV. It’s also conveniently close to a multitude of attractions including Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, Telaga Harbour, Field of Burnt Rice, Taman Buaya Buaya, and the Langkawi Crocodile Farm. The best thing about this guesthouse, though? The stunning sun terrace where you can relax and gather your thoughts before an expansive field of luscious grass.

Why Guests Love It: “There was a lot of free space around the property. The paddy fields took us back to our childhood memories”, “The owner is very nice, the room was large as was the bathroom, warm showers, good views over farmland, good air conditioning, very clean, free water fill ups”, “The ambience here was awesome. The owner was jovial and friendly, did not face any problems whilst checking in”.

Book It Here: Cloud 9 Guest House

The Ritz Carlton, Langkawi

Langkawi Malaysia - Ritz Carlton

This five-star hotel is the dream accommodation on the dream island. Featuring a private beach area, tennis court, and an airport shuttle service, the Ritz Carlton Langkawi is redefining luxury. Free Wi-Fi throughout can be enjoyed by everyone, and there is a full fitness centre that can be access at any time. It’s located close to many attractions, including Oriental Village, Langkawi Cable Car, and Seven Wells.

Why Guests Love It: “Very professional and highly trained staff. Very good location, close to the airport yet no noise from planes. Facilities are very new. Very good cars fleet: Audi A8, luxury vans. Management is very friendly”, “Truly a jewel on Langkawi, still looks like a new place. Service and staff were perfect. I’m home for 10 minutes and I already miss it!”, “This is probably the best resort we have ever stayed in. ALL the staff are amazing – service, housekeeping, front desk, concierge”. 

Book It Here: The Ritz Carlton, Langkawi

The Best Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia

Jet-ski to explore the various islands that make up Langkawi

Langkawi Malaysia Place to Visit #1 – Jet-ski to explore the various islands that make up Langkawi
Langkawi Malaysia Place to Visit #1 – Jet-ski Tour

The absolute best activity, and we’re not even exaggerating, to do on Langkawi is book in a jet-ski tour and ride through the ocean to explore some of the most beautiful, serene, and untouched islands that make up the archipelago that is Langkawi. Whilst there are options and packages for all levels of riders out there, the best situation would be for everyone to book their own jet-ski (if you’re comfortable enough), so you can control how you enjoy this activity. We recommend going for at least four hours.

Imagine: you’re riding a jet-ski at your own pace, following a group of like-minded adventurers out into the vast ocean, with nothing in front of you but the horizon and nothing behind you but the quickly diminishing sand bay that will eventually disappear altogether. Once in a whilst you’ll pass by some islands and stop to admire their beauty, other times you might pass by some rock formations that absolutely tower over you, and the rest of the time? You’ll be gunning it through the waters, feeling as free as a dolphin. The feeling is insane – it’s something you have to experience it first-hand.

Skytrex Adventure 

Langkawi Malaysia - skytrex-adventure-park-experience-in-melaka-in-ayer-keroh-558867
Langkawi Malaysia #2 – Skytrex Adventure

If you’re the type to like to physically exert yourself during your holiday (and there are plenty of people who are like that!), then book yourself into Skytrex Adventure, and soon enough, you’ll see yourself clambering over rocks, climbing up tree trunks, swinging through branches, and zip-lining across the forest.

Skytrex Adventure is a group who organise eco-recreational activities in the forests that will allow all participants to physically push themselves to their limit via a series of aerial trails suspended in the air. It’s quite inexpensive, and the helpful and friendly team will ensure that whilst you’re testing out your strength, you’re having an extremely fun time whilst doing it. There is a height minimum of 140cm and a weight limit of 100k. It’s a great activity to enjoy with your partner on your honeymoon (so romantic!), a group of friends (challenge each other!), or even with your family (bonding time!). 

The Night Markets in Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi Malaysia #3 – Langkawi Night Markets 
Langkawi Malaysia #3 – Langkawi Night Markets

Food markets are a major thing in Langkawi, and the special thing about this is that when you visit them during any given day, you’ll be walking alongside, rubbing elbows with, and generally basking in the warm afterglow of the sun whilst munching through some satay sticks with purely the locals. This is truly an experience to see how the Langkawi people live their lives, and to sample some of their culture that they’re so proud of. The steady supply of food throughout the night, the expansive selection of different dishes to choose from, and the thick aroma of spices permeating through the air will entice you to try everything you can lay your eyes on. This one is for the foodies.

The night market is held at different locations in Langkawi throughout the week, so make sure you head to the right one. They are as follows:

Monday – Ulu Melaka

Tuesday – Kedawang

Wednesday – Kuah (the main town)

Thursday – Temoyong Night Market, Pantai Cenang

Friday – Air Hangat

Saturday – Kuah (the main town)

Sunday – Padang Matsirat

Telega Tujuh Waterfall

Langkawi Malaysia #4 – Telega Tujuh Waterfall
Langkawi Malaysia #4 – Telega Tujuh Waterfall

Malaysia has no shortages when it comes to stunning natural landmarks, and Telega Tujuh, also known as Seven Wells Waterfall, in Langkawi raises the bar ten-fold. Situated in the northwest corner of the island, it might not be as easily accessible if you’re staying in Pantai Cenang or Kuah, but it’s close by to the Cable Car and Oriental Village, so you might want to organise to visit all these in one day.

There are two areas where you can experience the waterfall: from the lower area, which is only 10-minutes from the parking lot, where you can stick your head under the falls to cool off (believe us, even 10-minutes of trekking in the humid tropical weather in Langkawi is enough for you to work up a sweat!), or from the higher ground, which will require you to climb up the many steep stairs (about 300) to reach it. However, we can vouch that it is totally worth it, because at the top, there are seven shallow pools where you can sunbake in your bathers, go for a splash to cool off after all that trekking, and generally enjoy the waters at the top of a waterfall cliff. Swimming is entirely safe at the top of the waterfall, as it is sectioned off, however, please be very mindful of children.

If you’re seeking a little adventure, there’s a slippery-dip section where you can lay down and slide with the water stream into the small plunge pool at the end. It’s super fun, and you’ll want to do it again and again and again. 

Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

Langkawi Malaysia #5 – Kilim Karst Geoforest Park 
Langkawi Malaysia #5 – Kilim Karst Geoforest Park

Often regarded as Langkawi’s number one attraction, a trip to Langkawi is incomplete if you don’t give Kilim Karst Geoforest Park a visit. A stunning area made of unique and impressive limestone formations, vast mangrove forests, deep caves, and paradise beaches, each playing host to a vast number of species of animals.

You can book a tour with a boat which will leave Kilim Jetty to ride through the waterways or Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. Some of the things you should look out for include pythons winding their bodies around the twist roots of the mangroves, bat colonies hanging in caves within the massive limestone formations, baby monkeys swinging their way around the tops of the trees, and even oriental pied hornbills (a unique Indo-Malayan bird) hanging onto branches, amongst many other species of animals. To put it into perspective, there are more than 200 different species of birds alone, not accounting for other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and marine life. It’s wondrous how all these species can co-exist in such a complex environment, and you can experience it first-hand.

By the way, if you are looking for more islands recommendations, feel free to read this article: Malaysia Islands.

Tanjung Rhu Beach for Parasailing 

Langkawi Malaysia #6 – Tanjung Rhu Beach for Parasailing 
Langkawi Malaysia #6 – Tanjung Rhu Beach for Parasailing

To be able to really capture the beauty of Langkawi, it is best seen from the top, and what better way to experience that than through a parasailing stint over one of the island’s most beautiful beaches, Tanjung Rhu? Action water sports, as you can maybe tell from this article, are one of the favourite pastimes of visitors on Langkawi island, and why not? Whilst most people would imagine lazing around on the exquisite beaches, they also make the perfect destinations for adrenalin-rushing water activities that shine a new light on Langkawi. 

Once you get to the top, the view of the beach, the entire island, and the surrounding islands are seriously something else. You will spend around 10-minutes just floating in the sky, feeling weightless and wonderful and like you’ve accomplished something big. Some tours will ask if you want to get your feet wet (you do!), and every now and again they will lower you to the waters to get splashed around. It’s super fun!

Payar Island for Snorkelling 

Langkawi Malaysia #7 – Payar Island for Snorkelling 
Langkawi Malaysia #7 – Payar Island for Snorkelling

There are many fast, action based activities to do, but if you want to slow it down a little (but you’re tired of just sunbaking), give snorkelling a go! Just off the main coast of Malaysia, and very easily accessible from Langkawi, lies Payar Island, home to the Payar Island Marine Park that hosts some of the world’s most stunning and diverse marine lives, including colourful rare corals, and schools of various types of tropical fish to explore.

The waters of Payar are pretty much what your dreams are made of. Varying shades of turquoise blue and jade green that are crystal clear allow you to see straight to the sea bed, making it perfect for snorkelers. The fish will often swim right up to you and pucker up their lips for some of the food you’ll be given, and the water is so refreshing you won’t want to leave!

Langkawi Sky Bridge 

Langkawi Malaysia #8 – Langkawi Sky Bridge 
Langkawi Malaysia #8 – Langkawi Sky Bridge

Easily one of the most impressive man-made structures on the island, the Langkawi Sky Bridge is not to be missed if you want to see the most impressive view of the island from above, encompassing all surrounding smaller islands, the vast ocean reaching into the horizon, and the stretch of green forests all around. The bridge itself is a 125m curved pedestrian bridge that’s built 700m above sea level. The only way to access this bridge is to take the Langkawi Cable Car ride up to the final station. It’s built to sustain up to 250 people at a time (so put aside those worries of it collapsing!), and is fitted with double steel railings, an enclosed wire mesh, and two separate platforms where you can rest and relax and enjoy the breeze from all the way up top.

At certain sections on the bridge, you will be able to see unique views of Gunung Mat Cincang and the stunning Telega Tujuh waterfall. This might not be the best activity for those who suffer from vertigo, but if you’re willing to push that boundary, this walk across the sky might be the most fun thing you do. 

  • Address: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
  • Cost: Adult – 5 MYR ($1.25USD) , Child – 3 MYR ($0.75USD)
    You will also need to pay to head up the Cable Car (called the SkyCab) which starts from 30 MYR ($7.50USD)
  • Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm 

If you’re considering a trip to Langkawi, don’t think, just do. It literally touches on activities for almost all types of travellers, and whilst it’s not as travelled as many of its neighbouring islands and countries, it provides solace from the hectic world of South-East Asian parties and festivals.

Once you visit the island, you’ll understand the true meaning of tropical paradise. Get in touch with nature again, eat food with your fingers amongst the locals, and know you’re experiencing a slice of Malaysia that only a fraction of people in the world have seen before. 


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