Tourist Spots for Those Visiting China with an Interest in the Chinese Zodiac

Chinese Dragon Zodiac

Within modern-day society, the Chinese Zodiac is a symbol of real significance to a whole host of different people. Although the exact origins are unknown, it’s believed that they first came to fruition during the Han Dynasty in 206 B.C. and are based on astrology. Fundamentally, the classification scheme centers around assigning animals to various periods in a 12-year cycle, and this is determined by their characteristics. Because the Zodiac has reached heightened levels of popularity during the 21st century, let’s take a look at some tourist spots in china that those interested in the symbolic system should visit.

What Areas are Particularly Worth Seeing?

Xuzhou – The Fu Yang Festival

Within China, numerous sectors embrace the Zodiac. Of those, Kung Fu – which originated in China – features all 12 cultural elements of the scheme. Interestingly, according to China Highlights, the long-standing martial art makes references to each, as highlighted by the Five-Form fist, which integrates three Zodiac animals. Because of that, for those with an interest in the Chinese Zodiac, it’s worth visiting Xuzhou, particularly around the time of the Fu Yang Festival.

The city is located in the Jiangsu province and has long hosted the event. Aside from martial arts, both Xuzhou and the festival itself has a deep-rooted connection with Chinese paper cutting, which is another activity that embraces the Zodiac. Aside from immersing yourself in local traditions, there’s much for Zodiac lovers to enjoy, including visiting the Xuzhou Museum to learn about the country’s historical art.

Why Not Try Hangzhou?

Hangzhou China - Our Selection Of The 10 Places You Need To Visit!

As per a report from Insider, those with the Zodiac animal sign of a monkey should travel to the capital city of Zhejiang, Hangzhou. Upon arriving, there are a whole host of different activities and locations to explore, such as taking in the wonders of the West Lake. The tourist destination is the ideal place to take in some of the finest sights in China, with temples surrounding the water-side spot.

Given the personality of those with the monkey Zodiac sign, the most populous city in Zhejiang is an ideal location for thrill-seeking tourists. Traditionally, as they’re both curious and adventurous, visiting the Xixi Wetland Park fits the profile of those with the monkey sign. At the national wetland park of China, tourists can enjoy numerous tours and a dragon boat contest, which first began in 1739, according to TravelChinaGuide.

An Ever-Growing Affinity with the Zodiac

Chinese Zodiac

Given that the cultural influence of the Zodiac is far-reaching, the traditional scheme in Chinese culture has long found itself integrated into a wide array of mainstream markets, ranging from films to television shows and online brands. An example of this regarding big-screen productions is CZ12. The 2012 action-comedy film features Jackie Chan, and, in the movie, twelve bronze figures of the Chinese Zodiac animals are stolen following looting by British and French Soldiers.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, digital companies have also sought to center their strategies around the popularity of the Zodiac. At the online casino site BonusFinder, for example, Zodiac Casino is one of the platform’s listed operators. The casino itself has received a positive recent review, which is partially down to the fact that its various promotions help to entice and immerse prospective gamers. With over 550 available games, the Zodiac-inspired operator has plenty for users to explore.

Embrace the Zodiac When Exploring China

Ultimately, there can be no doubt that the Chinese Zodiac is playing an increasingly integral role in mainstream culture. Although it originates from the East Asian country, its new-found marketability and popularity have seen it become a global phenomenon. Because of that, when visiting China, don’t shy away from learning about the scheme’s history.

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