The 5 Best Yoga Retreats You Should Join In Bali

Yoga Retreat Bali – The 5 Best Programs of the Island of Gods

Yoga retreats have taken the world by storm. Whether or not you have personally participated in one, you would have probably come across the very popular activity of dedicating some time to escape the daily grind to find solitude and serenity at a destination that’s surrounded by idyllic beaches, swaying palm trees, and deep jungles. 

The idea is to get as far away from the distractions of modernisation, technology, and crowds to find peace with yourself, and give your body and mind a rest whilst engaging in activities that will get your vinyasa juice flowing.

Whilst health goals such as weight loss and body strengthening are some of the reasons why people actively practice yoga, it’s the ultimate result of a refreshed mind, a restored body, and a completely new outlook of life after a relaxing sanctuary away from home that keeps people coming back for more.

Yoga Retreat Bali – The 5 Best Programs in the Island of Gods

Bali is a top-tier destination for all sorts of things, with yoga retreats being considered one of its class attractions. With its mounting numbers of white-sand beaches that keep being discovered by travellers, luxury resorts nestled deep in the jungles, and bohemian Balinese lifestyle that’s easily entwined with yoga values, it’s no mystery as to why the yoga retreats in Bali are loved by people from all around the world. Below are the top five current retreats which are proven, affordable, and likely to return you back to your life a completely different person. 

1. 3-Day Balinese Watukaru Yoga and Meditation hosted by Balitrees (Tabanan)

Yoga Retreat Bali #1 – 3-Day Balinese Watukaru Yoga and Meditation hosted by Balitrees (Tabanan)

Aptly located in the middle of the island away from the party crowds, Balitrees yoga retreat offers a true traditional and unique Balinese yoga and meditation experience for those after a journey to unplug themselves.

Whilst there are scheduled daily activities involving practicing yoga and meditation, you will also get time to immerse yourself into the community within the Sesandan Village, learning about their simple ways of life, from cooking, music entertainment, and cultural activities.

It’s a great way to escape from a life riddled by technology and long working hours, to discover another side of living, and to learn to appreciate the differences that you will experience.

Immersing yourself in this retreat means you’ll be residing in a homestay or a guesthouse within Sesandan Megati Village, giving you the most authentic experience.

You’ll wake up to gorgeous views of the rice paddy farmlands in the mornings, and get to practice a whooping 13 different types of original yoga styles believed to only be available in Tabanan today – they include Surya, Chandra, Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Ishvara, and more. Daily teachings and practices in Chakra meditation will allow you to heal your body and your mind, and you can carry the technique with you back home. 

Retreat Highlights: multiple daily yoga sessions, daily sitting meditation session, Balinese cooking and music classes, daily Sesandan Village cultural life activities, Balinese traditional and spiritual life activities, Balinese traditional and spiritual healthy massage, transport to and from Tabanan City (approx. 45-minutes), 2 nights’ accommodation, daily meals, a trip to the local waterfall is included

Important Things to Note: the skill level required for this retreat is beginner; English is the main language spoken; the maximum number of participants is 15; Balinese cuisine will be the main type of food but vegetarians and vegans can be catered for; you get free transfer from Tabanan City, but to get from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the retreat will cost approx. 650,000 IDR ($45USD) per person if you organise with Balitrees. 

Cost: from 1,955,000 IDR ($135USD) per person/3 days, 2 nights

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2. 4 Day Ancient Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation Retreat hosted by Blue Karma Resort and Villa (Ubud)

Yoga Retreat Bali #2 – 4 Day Ancient Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Considered one of the most popular yoga retreats offered in Bali, this unique experience not only challenges people to practice and hone the art of yoga, but it also teaches and practices the art of sound and breath therapy, which is quite a rare experience in itself.

As with most body and mindful peace practices, these sessions will result in an individual state of complete bliss and enthralling body healing. The experience is said to touch the soul and core of your body like nothing else. 

Whilst the daily yoga and meditation activities will sooth your body and mind, the stunning retreat located in the middle of rice paddies, surrounded by fruit trees, luscious vegetation, and offering a swimming pool, a pagoda, gazebos, and regular encounter with butterflies aren’t too hard on the eyes either.

You’ll have ample time during the retreat to explore and wander on your own, or to relax in the abundant suites or joglo style rooms that have been designed to enhance peacefulness and serenity, decorated with a sophisticated mix of traditional and tropical style.

Yoga Retreat Bali #2 – 4 Day Ancient Sound Healing, Yoga and Meditation Retreat

On top of a well-developed and received schedule by most participants, you’ll get the opportunity to reserve a spot for complimentary Boreh, Jamu, and community classes throughout the week if you’re up for it.

You’ll be able to participate in early morning treks through rice paddies and the jungle out towards Ubud to get a breath of fresh air and exercise – all in all, this retreat has it everything you need to unwind and focus on yourself for a few days.

Retreat Highlights: daily yoga class, daily sound healing meditation at the Pyramid of Chi, trekking through rice paddies and the jungle, complimentary Boreh and Jamu classes, daily healthy breakfasts, guided morning walks, and 3 nights’ accommodation. 

Important Things to Note: this retreat caters for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels of yoga; the main language spoke is English; transfer for Ngurah Rai International Airport is included; it is located 3.5km away from Ubud Centre; lunch and dinner are not provided.

Cost: from 13,155,000 IDR ($910USD) for 1 person/4 days, 3 nights

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3. 8 Day Yoga Wellness Retreat hosted by Gokul Yoga (Badung)

Yoga Retreat Bali #3 – 8 Day Yoga Wellness Retreat 1

Located in the serene setting of the Bali jungles, Gokul Yoga Bali has developed one of the most wholesome and rewarding yoga programs across the island. Here, you’ll have no problem investing in yourself to find the balance in your body and your mind.

This 8-day program is the perfect balance of continuous yoga practice to completely invigorate the body and mind, as well as time dedicated for you to explore the wonderful surroundings, take in the fresh island air, take a leisurely swim in the stunning outdoor pool, or even go to the beach which is located only half an hour away. 

Whilst your main goal might be to experience different techniques yoga in a unique surrounding, you will also be exposed to a number of Balinese cultural aspects during this 8-day program as well, so it’s much more well-rounded than you may think.

You’ll learn about the importance of the Balinese daily offerings and how to create one; you’ll participate in some cooking classes; you’ll practice Balinese dances – for most people who engage in this program, they’ve come out a more balanced and cultured person in all aspects. 

Yoga Retreat Bali #3 – 8 Day Yoga Wellness Retreat

If you’re after a challenge, this program offers various different yoga styles, including hatha, vinyasa, and yin, so don’t worry, you won’t be cycling the same classes everyday.

For a retreat that offers premium amenities such as daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, a massage, and includes airport transfer, the cost for 8 days is extremely affordable. Most yoga retreats only go for a handful of days, but to truly get the most out of a yoga retreat on the idyllic island of Bali, a full 8-day program is the only way to do. 

Retreat Highlights: two daily yoga classes, Balinese offering making class, Balinese massage treatment session, cooking class and traditional healing drink making class, Balinese dance class and experience tour, daily vegan meals, 7 nights’ accommodation, daily coconut water.

Important Things to Note: the spoken languages at this retreat at Indonesian and English, the maximum participants number is 16, airport transfer from Ngurah Rai International Airport is included. 

Cost: from 4,300,000 IDR ($300USD) for 1 person/8 days, 7 nights

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4. 10 Day Yoga and Surf Retreat in Paradise Nusa Lembongan hosted by Yoga Bliss Lembongan. 

Yoga Retreat Bali #4 – 10 Day Yoga and Surf Retreat in Paradise Nusa Lembongan hosted by Yoga Bliss Lembongan

Many people looking into yoga retreats as a way to immerse themselves into a lifestyle that’s slow-paced, focused on self-discovery, and is a place where they can completely and wholly strengthen their body and mind, don’t normally associate yoga with surfing – the complete contrast of the languid movements of yoga with the high-pace, high-energy style of surfing is, at point-blank, quite jarring.

However, the two activities merge in perfect harmony in Bali. On an island where jungles are deep, abundant, and untouched, and beaches are wide, plentiful and conditioned for surfing, a yoga and surfing retreat is the answer to a challenging, fun, and experimental way of breaking out of the mould and nurturing your body in an unexpected way.

Yoga Retreat Bali #4 – 10 Day Yoga and Surf Retreat in Paradise Nusa Lembongan

Yoga Bliss has developed a retreat that balances out all the activities perfectly. It includes unlimited yoga classes (that’s right!) and use of the shala (yoga styles include Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Ayurveda, Restorative, and Mysore), three surfing lessons with seasoned professionals, and a whooping two leisurely Balinese massages amongst many other activities.

On top of what’s included in the retreat package, the location allows for you to participate in many more activities in your own time (if you choose to), including snorkelling, surfing, and swimming. 

Retreat Highlights: unlimited yoga classes and use of the shala, three surf lessons with local experienced professional instructors, daily healthy breakfast, tea, coffee, and water refills, two Balinese massage treatments, airport transfer (and/or transfer from Bali to Yoga Bliss Lembongan).

Important Things to Note: this retreats caters to all skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced); the language spoken at this retreat is English; this retreat is an individual retreat and not a group retreat; lunch and dinner is not provided; Yoga Bliss offers a minimum of two yoga classes a day; you must book your spa treatments with Yoga Bliss one day in advance. 

Cost: 9,230,000 IDR ($635USD) for 1 person/10 days, 9 nights

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5. 2 Day FlyHigh Yoga Workshop (Aerial and Alignment based) hosted by FlyHigh Yoga (Canguu)

Yoga Retreat Bali #5 – 2 Day FlyHigh Yoga Workshop (Aerial and Alignment based) hosted by FlyHigh Yoga (Canguu)

As the most unique entrance to this list, FlyHigh Yoga has offered something that most yoga enthusiasts have probably heard about, but only dreamed about ever doing.

For two days, you can learn about biomechanics, discover the use of a FlyHigh Yoga belt, and and practice aerial yoga using traditional lyengar yoga alignment. In this explosive program, you’ll practice this modernised version of yoga with traditional skills and techniques, and come out as a skilled hybrid yoga enthusiast. 

It is a wonderfully developed program that is suitable for anyone who is interested in aerial yoga, whether they’re experienced or not. The core values of yoga are still practiced, but the demanding and challenging techniques learned are nothing like you’ve ever done before. Plus, you’ll be constantly performing spiritual practices such as meditation, pranayama and mystic healing in the midst of all the learning. Once you complete this workshop, you will be rewarded with a Yoga Alliance 16-hours certification. 

To accommodate the demands of the classes, the yoga studio is convenient located in Canggu, only 5-minutes away from the beach, 45-minutes away from Ngurah Rai International Airport, and 20-minutes away from popular Kuta or Seminyak areas. As this is only a 2-day yoga workshop, you’ll be back to sipping beers by the beach at sunset in no time. 

Know that you’ll be in good hands, as you will be learning from the founder of FlyHighYoga himself, Jose L. Jiminez. Jose is a long-time yogi who has practiced and taught all over the world (from Bali to China, Malaysia and Europe), and now he dedicates his time spreading his knowledge and passion at FlyHighYoga. 

Topics Covered: anatomy of FlyHigh Yoga of lyengar yoga origin, FlyHigh Yoga postures, introduction to FlyHighYoga, meditation, pranayama, and mystic healing sessions, theory of FlyHigh Yoga including lyengr and aerial yoga style, the use of FlyHigh Yoga hanging belt. 

Important Things to Note: airport pick-up from Ngurah Rai International Airport is included; lunch is the only meal included; the skill level aimed at for these classes are beginner and intermediate; the languages spoken at this workshop include Spanish and English. 

Cost: from 5,676,000 IDR ($390USD) for 1 person/2 days, 1 night

Book It Now: 2 Day FlyHigh Yoga Workshop (Aerial and Alignment based) 

The exotic island of Bali has just so much to offer, it’s unbelievable. If you’re planning to visit over the course of a few weeks, we highly recommend you try and squeeze in a few days for a yoga retreat.

It’s amazing what a few days of being switched off technology and switched on with your body and your mind can do for your mental and physical well-being. Whether it be for 2 days or 10 days, giving your mental health as much of a break as your physical health is a great way to invigorate your soul.

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