The 10 Best Smart Backpacks In 2024 You Should Really Get!

Best Smart Backpacks

Best Smart Backpacks – We live in a society that is constantly becoming smarter every day. From transport vehicles to ordinary objects, there’s likely a smart version of almost every item you see right in front of you right now.

But what does ‘smart’ mean, exactly?

Well, essentially, smart products are products or things that are embedded with technology which allow it to adapt to the environment around them. It can basically ‘think’ in a way that’s an imitation of how humans think. A great example would be a robot vacuum cleaner or even smart lighting that you can control with your voice.

When working or traveling, chances are, you use a backpack to carry your things. The ease of having a large enough bag to comfortably and securely pack your things is perfect when you’re commuting here and there.

What is a ‘smart’ backpack?

These days, backpacks have come a long way from simply being zip-ups with two shoulder straps. There are such things as smart backpacks now!

Smart backpacks offer you even more comfort and security than before. Technology has been integrated seamlessly in ways that don’t encroach on the support but open up your experience in more ways that you can imagine.  

Certain features you can enjoy include charging ports for phones and laptops within the backpack themselves, anti-theft zippers, and even solar panels!

You can see why these backpacks have surged in popularity since being introduced. From city-slickers who have swapped out their heavy briefcases for stylish smart backpacks, to travellers who want creature comforts without adding extra weight on their backs, smart backpacks are for everyone.

Let’s have a look at some of the best smart backpacks in the market right now.

1. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack – Most Stylish

Best Smart Backpacks - Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Our first smart backpack is arguably the most stylish one you can get. The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is a super popular one for those after a casual hipster vibe. Its vintage look is complete with 3 colour combos, each with with double leather straps and buckles with minor leather detailing.

This backpack offers an external USB port and charging cable, plenty of space to pack your laptop and other gadgets, padded adjustable shoulder straps, and is made of nylon fabric, which is scratch and tear and water resistant.


  • Stylish vintage design with lux leather details
  • Weather proof and can be taken out in most terrains
  • Plenty of compartments for organising your items


  • No holes for your headphone cables

Get It Here: Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

2. Oscuart Anti-Theft Smart Backpack- Best Overall Backpack

Best Smart Backpacks - Oscuart Anti-Theft Smart Backpack

The Oscuart Anti-Theft Smart Backpack is one of the sturdiest smart backpacks on this list. It boasts a unique design with a hidden main compartment zipper and solid shape.

It is made of relatively thicker, extra strong material that is scratch and tear resistant. The EVA material at the back of the backpack provides support but also assists in allowing your back to breathe and not get too sweaty from movement.

A built-in USB port can connect to a powerpack, allowing you to charge devices on-the-go. Its laptop sleeve is large enough for a laptop up to 15.6”, and additional internal materials provide shock resistance. It also has outer storage compartments, perfect for things that require easy access such as water bottles.


  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • Scratch and tear resistant material that is also waterproof
  • Padded comfortable shoulder straps


  • Slightly on the larger side, so if you have a small frame or don’t require excess storage spaces, this might be too big

Buy It Here: Oscuart Anti-Theft Smart Backpack

3. Kopack – Best Anti-Theft Backpack

Best Smart Backpacks - Kopack - Best Anti-Theft Backpack

If having security is one of your main concerns, the Kopack is the perfect backpack to keep you safe. This minimalistic bag is designed in a way so that all openings and zippers are hidden; you won’t have to worry about someone pick-pocketing you!

There are dedicated pockets within this backpack that allow you to organise your items seamlessly. It offers an external USB charging port so that you can simply charge your phone on the go. The padded straps add extra comfort and the tear and water-resistant material protects all internal contents.

A bonus feature of the Kopack is just how minimal the design is; it’s perfect for professional and casual use.


  • Simple design with plenty of storage options
  • USB charging port with cable
  • Anti-theft design
  • Tear and water-resistant material


  • Not waterproof

Purchase It Here: Kopack

4. Nomatic 30L Travel Bag – Best Smart Backpack For Volume

Best Smart Backpacks - Nomatic 30L Travel Bag - Best Smart Backpack For Volume

If you’re looking for an option to take traveling that will provide security and comfort, the Nomatic Travel Bag is a great option. With enough room for your basic necessities and plenty more, this bag will literally be the only thing you need to get you from one country to the other.

It boasts a shoe compartment, which is ventilated to keep your sneakers dry and devoid of odours; it can be used as a backpack or a duffle bag; and there’s even a 40L option if you want something even more substantial.


  • Relatively larger capacity than most other smart backpacks
  • Convertible design, from backpack to duffle
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • RFID-blocking pocket


  • No built-in USB ports

Buy It Online Here: Nomatic 30L Travel Bag

5. Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack – Best For Gadgets

Best Smart Backpacks - Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack - Best For Gadgets

The Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack is an absolute beast, especially for tech-minded. Its biggest selling feature is that it boasts a built-in 24,000mAH battery that can easily charge a normal laptop as well as all smaller gadgets such as your phone and tablets. You can do so via the USB, USB Type C, and high-voltage laptop outputs.

It also boasts a whooping 25L storage capacity, with a separate laptop sleeve for your 15” or smaller laptop.


  • Built in solar battery to recharge pretty much all your tech devices
  • Large 25L storage capacity
  • Separate laptop sleeve


  • Relatively expensive

Buy It Here: Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack

6. Tzowla Backpack – Best Casual Multipurpose Backpack

Best Smart Backpacks - Tzowla Backpack - Best Casual Multipurpose Backpack

For a general-style backpack that does it all but is still stylish and affordable, the Tzowla Backpack is a superb option.

It offers a USB interface with built-in cable design that’s convenient for charging devices on the go. It’s got fantastic anti-theft capabilities, including a fixed password lock metal zipper, that’s guaranteed to safeguard your items against thieves.

It offers various compartments for you to organise your belongings and also has a laptop sleeve that can fit a 15.6” laptop easily.


  • Super secure anti-theft design with password lock
  • Lots of compartments to organise items
  • Comes in various colours
  • Simple, casual design that is fit for many purposes


  • Not as padded as other backpacks

Buy It Online Here: Tzowla Backpack

7. Himawari Smart Laptop Backpack – Most Kawaii (Cute) Backpack

Best Smart Backpacks - Himawari Smart Laptop Backpack - Most Kawaii (Cute) Backpack

If you’re into the kawaii culture, the adorable Himawari Smart Laptop Backpack is a fantastic option. The stylish bag boasts a super cute design with a wide variety of dual-tone or single colourways and minimal aesthetics.

It offers a surprisingly spacious interior with padded straps and a front zipper pocket. The material of the backpack is scratch and water resistant and it features multiple compartments to organise your multiple gadgets.

The separate laptop sleeve can fit a laptop up to 16” – and it boasts a tablet sleeve as well! It also features detachable USB cable design so you can charge your devices (via your own power bank).

If you’re looking for a work bag, a travel bag, an everyday bag, a diaper bag, a university bag…this bag is pretty versatile.


  • Eye-catching minimalistic design
  • Lightweight yet spacious
  • Plenty of compartments
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Lots of colours to choose from


  • Need to supply your own power bank
  • Metal buckle might feel out of place for some people

Get It Now: Himawari Smart Laptop Backpack

8. Sosoon Laptop Smart Backpack – Best For Students

Best Smart Backpacks - Sosoon Laptop Smart Backpack - Best For Students

The Sosoon Laptop Smart Backpack is a great option for students as it offers a plethora of features that can boost your studying experience. It’s designed in a way that can easily handle carrying your textbooks, your tech gadgets and any additional gear you may need to carry around.

One of the best things about this backpack is that the shoulder straps are not just shoulder straps; they have a functioning card pocket, sunglasses hook or pen holder! They are perfectly padded, with ergonomic massage details to alleviate any discomfort on your shoulders from heavy loads.

It’s even got a built-in anti-theft lock as well as hidden rear pockets.


  • Spacious in size yet super comfortable, even with heavy loads
  • Water and tear-resistant
  • Plenty of compartments for organization
  • Lifetime support is available


  • Water resistant, not waterproof
  • Quite large in size

Buy It Now Here: Sosoon Smart Backpack

9. SUNNYBAG Explorer+ – Best For Outdoor

Best Smart Backpacks - SUNNYBAG Explorer+ - Best For Outdoor

The Sunnybag Explorer+ is the perfect bag for those who love traveling outdoors and are seeking a smart backpack design that’s eco-friendly, durable and compact.

This backpack features a 6-watt solar panel right on the front of the backpack. There is an integrated USB charge port which then allows you to charge your tech devices on the go. The great thing about this solar panel is that you can simply remove it if you don’t want it. 

Its ergonomic design means that you can fit in a 15” laptop alongside plenty of other personal items and your back will barely feel the weight. It’s surprisingly lightweight and durable, and boasts many compartments and pockets for organisation.


  • Unique eco-friendly solar battery panel
  • Plenty of compartments for organisation


  • Sporty design not quite suitable for all uses, including for work
  • Solar panel doesn’t offer the strongest charge performance

Purchase It Here: SUNNYBAG Explorer+

10. Yorepek XL – Most TSA Security Friendly

Best Smart Backpacks - Yorepek XL - Most TSA Security Friendly

This large compartment with a variety of pockets is spacious enough for even the most excessive carry-on packers. However, it folds over conveniently and when opened, offers a clear view of everything inside – this is great for passing it through the TSA check-points as well as for you to quickly locate whatever item you need.

It boasts around 20 different compartments to organise your items, all of which are safely and securely located in and around the backpack. It also has a built-in external USB port with a provided charging cable so you can charge your items anywhere and you can also thread your headphone cable through the reinforced hole at the top.


  • High-density nylon material which is tear and water-resistant
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Spacious main compartment with plenty of smaller compartment


  • Straps are not as durable as they should be

Get It Online Here: Yorepek XL 

Smart backpacks, with all their incredibly secure and convenient features, seem like they’re the future of backpacks. From eye-catching designs to secure hidden compartments, there are limitless reasons why you should invest in a smart backpack over a standard backpack.

We hope you had fun browsing our list of the 10 best smart backpacks! For more travel gears, you can also read our top 10 minimalist hiking shoes, the best cycling cameras,  and the top 5 water bladders!

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