Kyoto Photographers – The 5 Best Photoshoots To Book During Your Trip

Traveling to our favorite destinations in Japan is an investment in experiences and precious memories that we can look back on with our loved ones. And what better way to look back at our cherished memories than with photos that capture the perfect moments?

Kyoto is a place in Japan full of picturesque sites that remind any traveler of the country’s rich and colorful culture, making it the perfect place for scheduling a photoshoot. By booking a Kyoto photo session, you can maximise the stunning views by taking gorgeous photos of you in unique traditional settings.

Below are some of our favorite photoshoot in Kyoto, provided by talented professional photographers!

1. Traditional Photoshoot At Both Hot & Secret Kyoto Spots

Traditional Kyoto Photoshoot Jerry Photo Trips 10

This one-hour Kyoto photoshoot with the trilingual photographer Jerry is a great way to celebrate the traditional vibe of Kyoto city. Jerry knows English, Chinese, and Japanese – making him a great choice for groups with mixed nationalities.

He is also very familiar with the area, so he can provide suggestions for both must-visit tourist spots and underrated gems that you and your group can take photos of as part of the package.

This photoshoot typically starts at the Nishiromon Gate, after which Jerry will take you and your group on a tour to essential spots like Ninen-zaka and the Yasaka Pagoda. But you can count on his local knowledge to take you to local gems hidden from the typical tourist crowds. Each booking gives you 10 fully edited photos ready for posting to your socials, and an additional 100 raw photos will be sent to you to look through!

Book It Now: Traditional Photoshoot In Kyoto

2. Photoshoot Adventure in Gion & Higashiyama


While there are many iconic areas in Kyoto, none are as stunning as the timeless Gion district. Gion is Kyoto’s famous geisha district, where beautiful hostesses walk up and down Tatsumi Bridge and Hanamikoji Street dressed in elaborately designed kimonos.

Want a more serious vibe that truly captures feudal-era Japan? Head over to the hilly district of Higashiyama, where dozens of wooden structures from a bygone era have remained standing for centuries. Kiyomizudera Temple is among the popular stops for this area and will look even more perfect if you decide to take photographer Matt’s kimono rental recommendations.

This Gion and Higashiyama-focused Kyoto photoshoot package with Matt runs for an hour and is perfect if you really want to immerse yourself in a Kyoto setting that seems frozen in time. Each booking comes with 50 high-quality photos, so you can make the most of your sixty minutes with Matt wisely. As a bonus, he also has some killer restaurant recommendations for lunch or dinner in the area!

Book It Now: Gion & Higashiyama Photoshoot

3. A Magical Photoshoot at the Mysterious Fushimi Inari

Photo Trips - Kyoto Fushimi Inari Matt 4

Few shrines in Japan are as iconic and recognizable as the red torii gates of Kyoto’s majestic Fushimi Inari. Dedicated to Inari, the deity of good harvest and successful business, Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Taisha is a commonly featured location in movies, dramas, and anime. Because of this, it feels like a no-brainer to book an Inari shoot with Kyoto photographer Matt for an hour-long photo session as you walk through the seemingly infinite 10,000+ torii gates.

Just like his Gion and Higashiyama shoots, the Fushimi Inari package comes with 50 excellently shot photos that showcase both you and the gorgeous scenery of one of Kyoto’s best-known gems. Immortalize your visit to Fushimi Inari for just under 110 USD and complete the experience with your favorite outfit or a rented Japanese kimono!

Book It Now: Fushimi Inari Photoshoot

4. Serene Photoshoot In Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

Photo Trips - Arashiyama Kimono Photoshoot 6

Among Kyoto’s many sights, few can match the status of Fushimi Inari – except perhaps the verdant green of Arashiyama’s famous Bamboo Grove. This attraction lies just past the Tenryu-ji Temple – within walking distance of other destinations like Togetsu-Kyo and the Kimono Forest.

It is there where trilingual Kyoto photographer Mina kicks off most Photo Trips with his clients, photographing them in gorgeous kimonos that stand out boldly against the all-green scenery of the area. Photo Trips bookings with Mina usually last about 1.5 hours, and each session yields photos that feel almost otherworldly due to the combination of his unique style and the gorgeous natural backdrop that Arashiyama itself has to offer.

A total of 50 high-quality photos with professional editing will be sent to you by Mina for this Kimono-style Arashiyama shoot, and he can also help arrange special details and requests like providing kimono rental recommendations or even flower shop recommendations for couples or proposing clients that plan to book him for Kyoto photoshoots.

Book It Now: Arashiyama Kimono Photoshoot

5. Traditional Kimono Shoot at the Centuries-Old Higashiyama Area

Photo Trips - Higashiyama Traditional Photoshoot 1

Nowhere else in Kyoto feels like a true testament to the quality of the traditional architecture than the rich, wooden structures of Higashiyama. A Kyoto photoshoot in this national heritage area can truly bring out the beauty of both the traditional surroundings as well as the gorgeous kimonos being rented out in the area, including both famous heritage sites like Sannezaka and Yasaka-Shrine, as well as more popular, modern choices like the famous Kyoto-style Starbucks that had gone viral on IG and Tiktok!

Mina is well-versed in English, Japanese, & Arabic, so he has no problem conversing with the locals and giving out excellent recommendations for local businesses like kimono stores and restaurants in the area. Just like his Arashiyama shoot, this Kyoto photoshoot lasts about 1.5 hours, and also comes with 50 edited photos that you can post to your socials!

Book It Now: Higashiyama Kimono Photoshoot

Book A Photoshoot In Kyoto Now!

Kyoto is an area rich with stunning scenery, abundant nature, and plenty of history considering the prefecture’s colorful past. By booking a Kyoto Photoshoot with Photo Trip, you can get a guide and a photographer all in one to immortalize special memories that you can look back on as you make the most of your stay in the Kyoto area.

And if you want more options, feel free to also read this list of the best photographers in Kyoto!

We hope that this curated list of Photo Trips and Kyoto Photographers we recommend can help you choose the right photo shoot to meet your schedule, theme and location specifications, and the language specifications of the group you are traveling with.

Each and every one of Photo Trip’s photographers also have their own unique story to tell, so you can easily ask for local recommendations and even get to know your talented photographer in the process!

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