Osaka Photographers – The 3 Best Photoshoots You Should Book

Best Osaka Photographers Photoshoot

Heading to exciting new places in our travels is always a fun and thrilling experience. Being in a new place, it can get overwhelming to juggle admiring the scenery and capturing enough photos of the gorgeous sights around you. Because of this, sometimes it may be best to outsource the talent, local know-how, and eye for detail needed to capture the highlights of your trip.

And what better place to hire a private photographer than in one of Japan’s most popular port cities – Osaka!

While many once knew Osaka as the Nation’s Kitchen or Pantry due to its history of being the Edo Period’s center for food and produce trading for many unique ingredients both in and out of the country, this Kansai city also retained this moniker due to the surviving spirit of food culture and culinary excellence. This has resulted in many dishes being deemed must-try items in Osaka, such as the area’s takoyaki, kushikatsu, udon suki, and of course – Osaka-style okonomiyaki.

However, this famous port city has much more to offer than scrumptious food – it also has many iconic sights and retro neighborhoods, as well as a bustling nightlife that has many locals and tourists hooked on the fun lifestyle that the city has especially after dark.

With Photo Trip, you can explore Kansai’s jewel city and document the memories in the process!

Below are some of our favorite shoots from English-speaking Osaka photographers offered by Photo Trips.

1. Explore the Neon Jungle Of Dotonbori With This Neon Photoshoot

Dotonbori Osaka Neon Photoshoot.jpg

Did you think that dazzling neon lights were limited to Tokyo? The Dotonbori district is filled with bright neon signs advertising every product under the sun and the many delicious eats Osaka is known for. English-speaking Osaka photographer Tom Kitano has lived in Osaka since 2010, making him the perfect guide for finding the best local spots for stunning photo spots in the city as well as the best places for an iconic bite to eat.

Each Osaka photoshoot with Tom can yield 30 high-resolution photos with professional photo editing, and you can work with him for an hour and a half to find the best locations for your dream shots. Aside from taking you to all the iconic places in Dotonbori, Tom can also bring you to the area’s hidden gems for some exclusive and unique photos.

Make sure to dress in your best outfit to suit the lively Dotonbori nightlife. Osaka photographer Tom can expertly direct the shots and poses accordingly for this neon Dotonbori photoshoot. You can expect your photos within seven business days of your shoot.

Book It Here: Neon Photoshoot By Night In Dotonbori, Osaka

2. Travel Back in Time in Osaka With This Retro Photoshoot

Chris Retro Osaka Photoshoot 1

When it comes to getting a blast from the past, Osaka isn’t exactly the city that tourists have in mind – with many visitors heading over to the neighboring city of Kyoto if they truly want to experience the rich history that Japan has to offer.

While it may be true that Kyoto offers the richest look on feudal Japan, Osaka offers its own historical charm with a more retro vibe. Osaka photographer Chris will take you down some of his favorite photo shoot locations in Osaka. First, you can hit up Nakazakicho – a small neighborhood with narrow alleys and dated houses. Second, you can visit Tenma – the city’s famous izakaya hub, to explore the rich selection of old and new pubs. The area itself has immaculate vintage vibes, especially at nighttime, so you can take some unique shots that embody a more vintage noir vibe.

The total time for this Osaka photoshoot is around an hour and thirty minutes, and you can receive thirty fully edited photos after seven business days from the date of your appointment. Remember to communicate with Chris about the vision you have for the shoot, so he can fully understand the exact style of photos that you want!

Book It HereRetro Photoshoot In Osaka | Exploring Nakazakicho & Tenma Hidden Neighbourhoods

3. Explore the Vibrant Osaka Night Life With This Local’s Photoshoot

Photo Trips - Osaka Night Photoshoot 5

While it is no secret that Dotonbori is the most vibrant place in all of Osaka, seeing it at night lends a unique charm that simply cannot be matched by any other area in the city! Trilingual Osaka photographer Mina has lived in the city since 2018, and his local knowledge is the perfect addition to your Osaka Photo Trip.

This shoot spans a total of one hour and thirty minutes, and you truly get the bang for your buck with a grand total of fifty high-definition photos that have been professionally edited by Mina to be ready for posting to your various social media platforms.

This Osaka photoshoot spans 5 exciting areas: the iconic Glico Sign, the famous Dotonbori Street, the historical Hozenji Temple, the youthful Amerikamura area, and finally, Mina’s super secret ‘Hidden Spot’ pick that only his clients have a chance to discover. If you love an air of mystery and want photos amidst Osaka’s vibrant nightlife when it comes to life after dark, then this is the perfect Osaka photoshoot for you.

Book It HereVibrant Night Photoshoot In Osaka With Local Photographer

Capture Your Memories in Japan’s Kitchen With Osaka Photoshoots

Whether you visited Osaka to indulge in the delicious eats or because you wanted to experience the amazing nightlife that the city is famous for, booking a Photo Trip in Osaka is a great way to immortalize these memories into souvenirs that you can look back on fondly.

Whether you choose to embrace the more retro scenery that Osaka’s little side streets and sleepier neighborhoods have to offer, or you prefer the rich neon colors that the city’s signature Dotonbori area has to flaunt come nighttime, there is sure to be an Osaka photoshoot that suits the style you have in mind.

If you are heading to Japan and have Osaka on your list of itinerary stops, consider investing in a professional photoshoot that can document your visit to one of Japan’s most colorful cities. While the pleasure of food from Osaka’s many delicious dishes is fleeting, your professionally shot photos from this dazzling port city will remind you of your happy travel

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