The 7 Most Beautiful Beaches In The Philippines You Should Visit

Best Beaches in Philippines #4 - Boracay Island in Aklan

For those who just want a relaxing getaway, the Philippines is a popular destination that provides world-class locations for those who expect only the best on their trips. Composed of over 7,000 islands, you can be sure that you’ll find at least one location that fits your every need and keeps you coming back for more! If you, like many other travelers, are always on the lookout for the best beaches in the world, then the Phillipines won’t disappoint!

We’ve compiled a list of the 7 best beaches in the Philippines just for you, dear reader! Learn all about the best of the best that this island nation offers visitors to inspire you for your next trip to one of the best paradises that can be found on earth! There’s plenty of diversity in beaches to be found in the Philippines, but no matter where your interests lie – gazing at sea life as it swims around you, enjoying nightlife and local cuisine right on the sand, engaging in water sports and activities, or just sunbathing on the sand while you contemplate life – you’re sure to find something to suit your needs!

1. Starfish Island near Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines 04 - Honda Bay Starfish Island

The main attractions of Starfish Island – besides the plethora of starfish – have to be the massive amounts of tropical fish that stay in close proximity to the island. If you want to get up close and personal with the local clownfish, you can join in with others during the daily feeding of bread! Toss a bit in the water and watch as clownfish and other exotic aquatic creatures dance in joy! Bring a snorkel with you to get a closer look at the nearby corals and other sea life!

In order to get to the island, you’ll need to make your way to Honda Bay or Hunda, which is just a short drive north from Puerto Princesa’s city center to the Sta. Lourdes Wharf. There are boats that will give you a lift to the island of your choice, and luckily Starfish island is only a 15 minute ride from Pambato Reef! Though the journey is short, the memories you’ll make along the way and during your time at Starfish Island are sure to last a lifetime!

Recommended resort in Puerto Princesa: Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Puerto Princesa: Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa

If you want to stay close by, we recommend the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa! You’ll have just as much utilizing the outdoor pool, fitness center, 3 on site restaurants, and sports facilities as you will frolicking on the beach! The rooms are spacious and clean, and you can even book a tour through the helpful and friendly front desk! Every room, suite, and villa come with flat-screen cable TV, private bathrooms with free toiletries, and complementary WiFi!

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Puerto Princesa: Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa

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2. Panglao Beach in Bohol 

Best Beaches in Philippines #2 - Panglao Beach in Bohol 

If you want a more secluded getaway, head over to Panglao Beach in Bohol for a private-feeling beach that only the locals and a handful of tourists are even aware of! Though the beach is smaller than some of the others on this list, it makes up for what it lacks in size with the insurmountable beauty found throughout the area!

This is one of the most relaxing beaches in the Philippines, as you can sit in the sand and watch the waves, boats, and aquatic life go about their business without a care in the world. Sunrise and sunset are said to be especially beautiful to watch from this beautiful beach, and the surrounding area is the perfect backdrop to take social media worthy photos!

If you’re up for a bit more excitement and adventure, you can always head over to nearby Alona Beach, which is the most popular beach on the island! Visitors can enjoy a handful of fun and interesting activities, including scuba-diving, dolphin watching, kitesurfing, snorkeling, island hopping, and fishing!

Recommended resort in Bohol: BE Grand Resort

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Bohol- BE Grand Resort 1

If you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable stay while visiting this beach, we recommend staying at the BE Grand Resort, Bohol! They offer a spa center and private beach area for guests to enjoy, along with tons of facilities and activities to keep those staying at the resort entertained and happy. The resort offers airport shuttle services, 24-front desk help, an on site restaurant and bar, and plenty of family-friendly services to keep everyone happy!

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Bohol- BE Grand Resort 1

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3. Port Barton in Palawan 

Port Barton Palawan Philippines 03 - Ile Plage Exotic Island

A true diamond in the rough, Port Barton is a hidden gem that many have yet to discover in Palawan! Perfect for a stress-free weekend away from the crowds, Port Barton’s main beach, Itay Itay, is the heart of the area. You can enjoy the nearby beach chalets, restaurants, bars, and other fun attractions that will help you get chummy with the locals! You can even rent a banca boat and head over to Pamuayan Beach, or just talk a leisurely stroll through a forest trail to get to White Beach.

If you’re a fan of island hopping, you can also head over to Paradise Island, Exotic Island, and German Island for more fun in the sun on sandy beaches with clear water perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving! The assortment of beautiful virgin beaches to be found in Port Barton keeps visitors coming back for more, and those that travel frequently to the island say it’s a quieter, smaller, and more laid-back version of El Nido! Better yet, the activities found at Port Barton are just as fun but a fraction of the price!

Recommended resort in Port Barton: Angels Hautz Resort

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Port Barton: Angels Hautz Resort

For those who want an authentic Philippines experience, we suggest staying at the Angels Hautz Resort! The gardens are cute and quiet, and staff are friendly and welcoming. The facilities are kept clean and well-maintained, and the resort is decorated in a typical bamboo style. Only a short distance away is Port Barton Beach, so you’re never very far from the sand and the sun! Each room has a balcony with a view, and the private bathrooms are stock with free toiletries for guests! Overall, you’ll have just as much fun as the resort as you will at the beaches!

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4. Boracay Island in Aklan 

Best Beaches in Philippines #4 - Boracay Island in Aklan

A beach perfect for those who want to get in love with nature, Boracay Island happens to be one of the top tourist destinations in all of Asia! Featuring spotless beaches and crystal clear water, there’s more to this beach than meets the eye! Rich marine wildlife and tropical attractions await those who take a stroll down the seven kilometer stretch of white sand.

You can reach this gorgeous are by sea or by air, as it’s only 45 minutes away from Manila and 35 minutes away from Cebu by plane. Traveling by sea, it would take 15 and 18 hours respectively to get to the island.

Recommended resort in El Nido: Fairways and Bluewater Boracay

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in El Nido- Fairways and Bluewater Boracay 1

To rest your weary feet after a great day on the beach, we recommend staying at Fairways and Bluewater Boracay! If you’re a fan of golf, you’ll love the on site 18-hole gold course complete with private beach! If you want to go to a more popular beach location, there are plenty right near the resort that you can easily get to on foot! The rooms come with LED flat-screen TVs, fridges, tea and coffee makers, safe, private bathroom, free toiletries, and hairdryers. Feel free to use the hot tub, steam bath, sauna, and gym if you’ve still got energy to spare after your adventures on the island!

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in El Nido- Fairways and Bluewater Boracay 1

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For more beautiful hotels in Boracay, you can also read this list of the best beachfront hotels in Boracay.

5. El Nido in Palawan

Best Beaches in Philippines #5 - El Nido in Palawan

It’s no wonder that El Nido’s popularity has grown throughout the years, as they offer some of the best beaches found in the Philippines that are hard to top! The diverse and breathtaking landscapes offer more than just sand and ocean for picture-perfect memories, and numerous islands provide ample beaches for visitors to explore and fall in love with! The best place to head for scenic beaches and wonderful sights is, of course, Bacuit Bay!

Bacuit Bay is comprised of the Lagen, Simizu, Miniloc, and Enalula islands, each of which has its own unique beaches with powder white sand and shining clear water. You can also find fun in the sun on El Nido’s largest island, Cadlao, which features Bocal Point, Nathan, and Paradise Beach on the south side of the island!

If you want a more private and secluded area to relax in, Lio Beach north of El Nido is generally pretty empty, allowing you to take the entire beach for yourself! Regardless of where you are in El Nido, you’re sure to find gorgeous beaches that showcase the beauty of the islands!

Recommended resort in El Nido: Matinloc Resort

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in El Nido- Matinloc Resort 2

For a splashing good time, we recommend staying at the luxurious Matinloc Resort! Only a short way away from the Big Lagoon in El Nido, this spacious resort offers free WiFi and an all-services spa facility!

If running around and having fun at the beach tires you out too much, relax and unwind at the resort’s private beach, spa and wellness center, spa lounge, or relaxation area! You can also take advantage of the garden, terrace, games room, library, sun terrace, outdoor entertainment area, or picnic area!

There’s plenty of board games, puzzles, books, DVDs, and music for the whole family to enjoy, and the on site restaurant keeps guests well-fed and happy! Start your day off at the on site coffee house before you head on out for an El Nido adventure!

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in El Nido- Matinloc Resort 2

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6. Siquijor Island in the Visayas

Best Beaches in Philippines #6 - Siquijor Island in the Visayas

It’s easy enough to get around Siquijor Island (Visayas Area) via motorbike to explore the area, but most visitors aren’t easily swayed from just relaxing and enjoying the lovely beaches found on the outside of the island! You can do boat dives and shore dives, snorkel around the coral areas, relax under a palm tree with some freshly squeezed juice, and watch the tide go in and out. Weekends and evenings see a higher number of locals coming out to enjoy the beaches, so if you want to beat the rush it’s best to go during the week!

Recommended resort in Siquijor Island: Jungle of Peace Resort

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in El Nido: Jungle of Peace Resort

Make the most of your trip to such a gorgeous location by staying at the Jungle of Peace Resort! The views are breathtaking and enchanting, and guests are hard pressed to find better food anywhere else on the island! The romantic setting of the area makes this place great for a couples retreat, though families and friends can have just as much fun and excitement! You can enjoy diving and snorkeling nearby with the hotel’s help, and packed lunches are available so you don’t go hungry while you stake out on your own!

Book here: Jungle of Peace Resort

7. Coron in Palawan

Best Beaches in Philippines #7 - Coron in Palawan

Coron is a pretty big area, so it’s no surprise that it’s home to a handful of great beach locations! The best five to enjoy are Banol Beach, which is perfect for kayaking and local dining; Atwayan Beach, which is filled with tropical trees and plants and great for snorkeling; Malcapuya Island Beach, where you can enjoy fresh coconut water and other assorted beverages; Coron Youth Club Beach, which has the best coral reefs for viewing in the area; and Smith Point Beach, where you’ll find thousands of marine species to look at and enjoy! There’s a little something for everyone in this tropical paradise! 

Recommended resort in Coron: Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Coron- Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center

Can’t get enough of the sand and the sun? Then you’ll definitely enjoy a stay at Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center! Featuring a seafront area for guests to use and enjoy, this cool resort is known for its sea front gardens and ease of access to the best snorkeling, diving, and kayaking spots around! You can also arrange for motor biking and mountain trekking through the resort! Guests have a blast taking the boat to and from the island resort, and many take advantage of the activities and facilities available to them!

Best Beaches in Philippines - Recommended resort in Coron- Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center 1

Book here: Discovery Island Resort and Dive Center

Though the beaches above has certainly impressed the rest of the world with what they have to offer, there are plenty of other stellar locations to discover across the islands of the Philippines.

There’s no such thing as a ‘bad beach’ in the Philippines, so any beach you decide to spend time on is sure to get your heart racing and blood pumping! So stop looking at all the beautiful pictures of these beaches and come enjoy them for yourself! After all, you deserve only the very best!

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