Travel Asia – If you are reading this website, I guess you got your Asian Wanderlust too. No worries, travelling is good for the soul and Asia is definitely my favorite area in the world and I’m sure you will love it too! To get all my travel tips, just click on the country you plan to visit and you will see all the articles I wrote about.

Travel Asia – Japan

Travel Asia - Japan

Japan is definitely one of my favorite countries in Asia. I visit the country of the rising sun whenever possible and I have to say that I was never disappointed. The culture is so rich and interesting, the landscapes absolutely beautiful and the people there are welcoming and funny. Big plus for its amazing food too, yummy! My favorite city in Japan is probably Osaka but I also like Tokyo city. 🙂

Travel Asia – Thailand

Travel Asia - Thailand

Thailand is the best place to relax, chill out and live a calm and happy life. I agree that some areas are definitely too touristy but you can always find a cool place to visit outside the crowd. My favorite place in Thailand is probably Ayutthaya for the amazing temples and the lovely atmosphere. Second is probably Chiang Mai for the delicious street food!

Travel Asia – South Korea

Travel Asia - South Korea

If you are into Hi-Tech and new technologies, you definitely need to visit Seoul, it’s so futuristic! 🙂 But what people may not know is that South Korea has also quiet and natural place to offer. I’m thinking about Jeju Island for example or Busan city.

Travel Asia – Bali

Travel Asia - Bali

Ah Bali… Bali. What a special place this is! Even if my expectations were very high before to go to the island of the gods, I have to say that I was literally blown away. A bit disappointed by the touristy Kuta but I definitely loved Ubud region and also the gorgeous island Nusa Penida.

Travel Asia – Cambodia

Travel Asia - Cambodia Travel Blog

What I really love about Cambodia is you can visit amazing historical sites like Angkor temples and at the same time, you can find amazing beaches and islands. Culture AND Leisure, what else do we need?

To read all our travel tips about Cambodia, feel free to check out these articles: Cambodia Travel Blog.

Travel Asia – Singapore

Travel Asia - Singapore

Singapore is definitely a unique place in Asia. Its culture is a mix of a bit of India, Malaysia and China and the result is amazing. Singapore food is actually one of my favorite cuisine in the world. In addition, there are many places to visit there such as the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and many more…

Travel Asia – Taiwan

Travel Asia - Taiwan

Taiwan is really one of my favorite destinations in Asia. The food is just amazing and very affordable. The culture is rich and combine Chinese influence but also Japanese and many more. The people there are nice, welcoming and open minded. Nature is also breathtaking and I really enjoy traveling through this very special island.

Travel Asia – Malaysia

Travel Asia - Malaysia

Malaysia is again a beautiful country with dream beaches and amazing islands. The food is also something that I really loved in Malaysia. You can find Chinese food, Indian currys and delicious Malay food too. In terms of where to go, Langkawi Island is definitely a place to visit and George Town has also a lot to offer.

Travel Asia – Philippines

Travel Asia - Philippines

If you are looking for white sand beaches and cool people, then go to the Philippines! It’s probably in Palawan where I saw the most beautiful landscapes in all Asia! Port Barton is my favorite area there but I also liked El Nido, even it can be a bit busy in high season.

Travel Asia – Myanmar

Travel Asia - Myanmar

Myanmar is one of those countries that you never forget. It’s not only the things you see but the whole experience is unforgettable. The must-go places are Bagan and its beautiful temples (picture above) but Hsipaw and Inle lake were also places I really appreciated.

Safe travel in Asia! 🙂